Minecraft Creator Teams Up With Indie Dev On Inexplicable Game

Minecraft Creator Teams Up With Indie Dev On Inexplicable Game

I’m not really sure what Cobalt is, but as of today the folks behind Minecraft are helping to make the game, so I’ll assume it’s going to be great and very, very different.

This morning Minecraft developers Mojang said that they were working with Oxeye Game Studios on Cobalt, a game they described as an “action game of running, jumping, rolling, shooting, throwing, dancing, hacking, rolling, flying, sliding, climbing, looting, deflecting, racing, piñata-ing, passing, scoring… and even more rolling!”

In Cobalt, according to the release, you can play cooperatively with friends or defeat your enemies in a death match, loot match, race match, or Capture the Plug matches.

“Early on, even as we were founding Mojang, we talked about the idea of collaborating with other indie game studios to release more great games,” according to the release. “We wanted to find studios who have our philosophy of developing games, which is staying close to the community and treating it as a service. Today we’re announcing our first game developed by a 3rd party: Cobalt by Oxeye Game Studios.”

Oxeye was founded by Daniel ‘thewreck’ Brynolf, Pontus ‘Kinten’ Hammarberg and Mojang’s Jens ‘jeb’ Bergensten. The game’s music is by Mattias ‘Anosou’ Häggström, who is also making the music for Scrolls.

Oxeye has even taken up residence in Mojang’s studio.

The first glimpse we’ll get of Cobalt will be at Mojang’s PAX booth, so stay tuned for our impressions.

Here’s the developers description of the game’s… plot?


It’s hard to be a metal face. Agent Cobalt has learned as much after finding the Space Exploration Foundation’s lost colonization ship The Seed at planet X9CSEC5.5B-blue, Trunkopia. It was once built by a one million strong development team back on Earth, but disappeared merely 30 minutes after its subspace jump. Whatever happened on board during its misadventure, sanity was not invited.

The game is initially developed for PC platforms Windows, Mac and Linux, with the Windows version hitting first. The game’s map editor will be included with the release, and will be easy to share and find other player’s maps. Additionally the game is written mainly in Lua (a script language), which allows for easy modding.


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