Minecraft Creator Wants To Settle Elder Scrolls Fight With Quake Match

Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson has found himself in the middle of an unexpected legal battle with Bethesda, publishers of the Elder Scrolls series. Rather than fight it out in court, though, he has a better idea.

Persson has challenged Bethesda to a game of Quake III. 3v3, two maps (one chosen by each side), highest total frag count wins. If Persson wins, Bethesda drops the lawsuit. If Bethesda wins, Persson changes the name of his upcoming game, Scrolls, to something Bethesda doesn't claim a trademark on.

It's no pistols at 10 paces (shame!), but anything to keep manly disputes out of the courts and in the hands of men should be applauded.

Ball's in your court, Bethesda.

Hey, Bethesda! Let's settle this! [Notch]


    seems to me like "the House always wins" is an apt summation of how I expect this to play out if Bethesda accepts

    Bethesda then hires 3 pro players with their horde of cash and then Notch will have to change the name to something like 'Pages' or 'Fallon'. At least those don't sound like anything Bethesda own...

      They have already copyrighted it and it was accepted. Facts please.

        Hence the current challenge.

        Just because a trademark (not copyright) is accepted, that doesn't place of above scrutiny, nor does it mean its on the right side of a hypothetical good-faith IP line just by virtue of being accepted. Case of note being Langdell's Edge. And so even if it was accepted, it can still fall for infringement.

      Do you live in Queensland? Sorry That's part of the QANTAS trademark so you'll have to change the state's name, and all the legal documentation of the state. Oh Northern Territory types, you're screwed too. Actually come to think of it there's an "and" in there so nobody can use that word anymore, nor airlines. Yes we'll have to call them gaslines now, unless the gas companies own that word in one of their trademarks.

      You know to be "safe" we better just revert to grunts and hand gestures, that is unless the deaf people have trademarks on hand gesturing. How about we all just go lay in graves and wait because, oh wait what if graves are trademarked too?!

      Mojang's getting patent trolled by a larger and richer company, plain and simple. The stupid shit they give patents out on is the problem. Patents were supposed to foster growth by protecting individuals so they could release stuff without it being stolen but now its holding the world back because f patent trolling. They patented "Elder Scrolls", not the word scrolls from here unto the end of time.

        First, you're an idiot if you actually believe your own logic there.

        Secondly, if I *were* to start an aviation company called Queensland Northern Territory Airplanes Sototalycool (QNTAS) then yes, I'd be infringing.

        It's about using a recognisable term/phrase in the same sphere as a copyright/TM holder and potential for a reasonable person to mistake one for the other. A fifty year old who talks to a shop assistant about this game their kid's been yammering about called "Scrolls something" would fall into this category.

    Notch just change the name you wanka! Obviously he just wants a cheap reaction to get himself free publicity, he may as well just call the game "Gathering of Magic" then he can piss Wizards of the Coast off too...

      No, he has absolutely every right to use the name "Scrolls". Who in their right mind would associate a game developed by Mojang to be related to anything Bethesda has done. You'd have to be completely retarded to get those two mixed up.
      In any case Bethesda are being over aggressive to something that majority of people would assume are two different games. Yeah we're big, we're high and mighty, move over for us. They're being corporate nuggets, there's nothing good about what they're doing. If anything they remind me of Apple.

      My next game will be called ANGRY (or perhaps Enraged), I might even get attention from Bethesda saying it's far too similar to RAGE >__> It'll be about a big company trying to shit on the little guys.

        You know that if they DON'T chase this sort of potential infringement, they completely lose their own copyright, right?

    How can anyone think that bethesda has any right to the name 'scrolls'?
    Im a big fan of the elder scrolls games, but that retarded.

    You either copyright your games full name, or piss off.
    Dont call your game "i'm a wanker" and then want coppyright on 'Wanker'.

      Minecraft is an open world game in which you explore to gain exciting new items... like oblivion.

      Rage is an iD game, dont even bro.

        Cool story mate.

        Company of heroes is a war based game where one faction fights another.
        Like bad company 1 and 2.

        Should one of these games be poked with a stick because one thinks it owns the word 'Company' more than the other?

    This needs to stay out of court, or at the very least Bethesda needs to lose, the precedent this would set is beyond freaking retarded. Seriously, is this not obvious to everyone? The number of games that have similar words in the title??! Good by Call of Juarez, actually goodbye the whole Call of Duty Franchise, Asheron's Call has you beat, and I'm sure some older game has that beat. And there's so many many examples of similar cases.

    A modern day duel. This is great. More disputes should be settled this way.

    Their honour should demand they accept.

    Unless of course... Bethesda has no honour.

    I want to demand trial by combat for my latest parking infringement.

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