Minecraft - Pocket Edition Hits Select Android's Xperia Play Today For $7

Minecraft - Pocket Edition hits the Android Xperia Play today exclusively for $US6.99 with later Android versions hitting in the near future. The best part? Staying true to their roots, the game's first version is an alpha build.

The first version, Alpha 0.1, will focus on the "creative aspects of Minecraft," The folks at developer Mojang said.

"We have tried to put in the features that make sense for playing on a mobile device while still keeping the core of the Minecraft experience," they told Kotaku. "You will be able to select blocks on the touchscreen or just scroll through them with the circle and square buttons on the Xperia Play device. The first version also supports multi-player on a local wireless network allowing you to create a world and invite friends to build together."

Features in this build include:

• Randomized worlds

• Build anything you can imagine

• Build with 36 different kinds of blocks

• Invite and play with friends to your world (local wireless network)

• Save multi-player worlds on your own phone

And just like the still-in-development PC, Mac and Linux version, the team plans to continue developing on the Pocket Edition post launch.


    hopefully they will add the survival mode as well.

    You know what would make more sense and money?
    An iPhone version

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted

        Live in a prison? Ever heard of.. Jailbreaking?



          You started restarted the flame, could have said anything along the lines of "cool, hopefully it gets ported to iphone"
          instead of "doesnt make sense, apple apps make more money"

          perhaps notch figured apple users don't need a game that takes thought.

          The times they are a changing. The iOS app store is larger atm so it's going to generate more sales overall but considering the decline in market share for iOS devices and the rise in market share of Android devices, picking Android is actually the smarter long term choice.

            No doubt there are a number of reasons Mojang didn't go with iOS.
            -- Perhaps the App Store rules don't allow Alpha builds?
            -- Don't forget, this isn't an Android release - it's an Xperia Play release. Maybe Mojang doesn't want to dilute the game to make it work without buttons?
            -- Minecraft is an indie game that has already made more money than Notch could have hoped for. I'd say he can afford to choose the platform of his personal preference over the one that will make more money.

      Actually it wouldn't considering the difference in market share between android phones and iphones.

      Putting it on a closed garden platform like iOS goes against everything Notch and Mojang stand for. They seem to love their freedom to do what they want.

    Gah skip the exclusivity crap and make it available to all compatible Android handsets. I'm sure my Galaxy S2 can handle it.


      Can you sideload the .apk untill its official for the SII?

        You can load the apk with the help of air, but it doesn't work on the S2 due to lack of a physical keyboard.

        That said pokemon tower defence is the bomb to run as an apk.


          STOP THE PRESS!!!!
          Pokemon TD?!

    I'd love to get this on my Xoom. Though to be honest I've gone off Minecraft, hoping the Adventure update will make me want to play again.

    Hopefully they will make it work on all Androids me thinks my Galaxy SII will like it.

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