Minecraft Socks Are Way Cooler Than You Think

Swedish feet-glove purveyors Happy Socks have teamed up with Minecraft developers Mojang to offer a range of... socks based on the hit world-building game. And as lame as that sounds, they're actually pretty damn cool.

Not only do they come in a box shaped like a brick of Minecraft's world, but the three pairs you get are based on the game as well. There's a pink pair for the game's pigs, a green pair for the monstrous Creepers and another with a "world" design on it, featuring clouds, terrain and blue sky.

You can buy the box set for 275 SEK, which in USD is just a pinch over $US40.

HS x Minecraft [Happy Socks -- Thanks Emil!]


    So that's what his Pigtales was about!


    They ship them in dirt?!

    Totally should have used a chest.

    I'm not a huge socks connoisseur but those are some awesome socks. Better than Business Black.

    My greatest fear though would be one day hearing a voice go "That'ssss a nice pair of ssssocksss you have there. Sssssssssssssss...."

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