Mixed Messages In Battlefield's Chain Of Command

One day before Electronic Arts' reorganisation, Patrick Bach, the DICE executive producer of Battlefield 3 said an annual publishing schedule "will eventually kill the franchise". A day later, EA's top general had a somewhat different tone.

"Focusing on... year-round business" does not necessarily mean a new title every year. A connected, persistent experience is a company-wide priority, certainly one that Peter Moore, the new chief operating officer, will bring to the table. But with Call of Duty releasing every year, it certainly sounds like EA wants to meet that head-on.


    How are the comments conflicting? "Year-Round" clearly refers to the use of Map Packs and DLC to people buying/playing BF3 all year.

      Agreed, I think someone is a little confused.

        You two have just given someone from EA the benefit of the doubt.

        E... A.

      That is worse by far.

        What supporting games after they release them. Yeah sounds bad man. Why would I want updates for my games, Many of which are free map packs and paid expansions. Which are worth the money much more then some of those map packs for COD.

    Really? So I guess this'll be the next IW vs Activision debacle?

    I really hope I'm misunderstanding the use of "year-round" here, because at the moment, it sounds as though they are going to drill their IP's into the ground with yearly releases.

    Why would they change "Fewer, Better, Bigger" to "More, Crapper, Smaller?"

    Ahem... They are obviously referring to their new plan to alternate each year between MoH and BF games.

      If only they could make a good Medal of Honour game, we would be set.

        Play medal of honor directly after playing homefront and you'd retract that statement

    The trick here is obviously getting EA/DICE to speak out more regarding BF3 in attempt to correct this article. :D

    There is a stark difference between "Year-Round" and "Yearly"

    Do EA actually own DICE and/or the Battlefield IP? Or do they just publish them?

      Both, they own and publish DiCE games.

    Who would know what they're talking about more, the game dev's or the company that owns them *facepalm* DiCE put some money aside and go solo please

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