Modern Warfare 3 Is Also Deploying To Wii

Modern Warfare 3 Is Also Deploying To Wii

Not one to exclude 87 million customers, Activision confirmed today that it will release a Wii version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 this year. Typically, the Wii versions of Call of Duty games launch alongside their HD counterparts.


    • ^^

      This, or Activision wanted to grab more money by flogging a really watered down version of the same game. My only question is, will MW2 be coming on the wii as it wont make sense skipping it, and if Treyarch are doing the port, wouldnt it be a conflict of interest? Or will MW2 never see the light of day on the wii

  • Good on them for having the Wii version ready when the other versions are.
    I wont be getting this, but good that Wii owners can join in the fun:)

      • Ive played Goldeneye on Wii, which I loved (and felt like COD) So if its anything like that then they’ll be happy:)
        Plus tbh, all the footage ive seen of MW3 looks like an xbox 1 game. So the Wii should be able to handle this no worries! Haha!!

  • Sweet, now I can throw my PS3 in the bin!)

    All kidding aside, This seems like a waist of time. The Wii is in it’s death throws and the Wii U is going to miss the boat.

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