More Nintendo 3DS Dpad Woes

Soon after the Nintendo 3DS, photos surfaced of wrinkled 3DS buttons. The paint on the buttons and the Dpad seemed "warped".

The issue appeared isolated, but was related to the paint used on the 3DS. More photos have now surfaced showing how another 3DS had a warped D-pad that, over time, has started flaking and peeling.

Honestly, this could be a defective product. And I say this, not only as a 3DS owner, but as a 3DS owner who hasn't yet used his 3DS enough to cause the D-pad paint to fall off.


    another reason im tempted to send mine off to colorware

    Haha! Even since I held one for myself I thought stuff like this would happen.

    Brace yourself for another bribe to keep your 3DS.

    How could that even happen? There aren't any games to even use the Dpad on :P lol

    Yay for warranty ?

    I use my 3DS all the time and this has never happened... I dont understand how this happens:P

      ditto. Mine's still fine. The games issue is another problem though.

    Now I have the circle pad, I use it for everything. :)

    Who uses the DPad for DS games when you can use the Circle Pad?

    did nintendo really have to make that many product short cuts to keep the cost down?

    put a fork in it, it's done!

    Is it only happening to the blue ones?

    Looks to be how the paint is layered on, rather than the ds itself. If you look at the select-home-start row, it looks like a sticker over the top of the actual panel - not dissimilar to what I'm seeing in that picture. If they're using a similar method for the dpad "paint", that could explain it. I've a black one, and see no paint peeling, so it could be the blue one.

    Having a black one I can't say this is even possible on mine. But this has ALWAYS been a problem with colour-painted handhelds. That's why I always got non-painted ones, except for the GBA SP, which I sort of regretted... And sort of had stolen in a breakin/lost soon anyway (not sure what happened to it to be honest).

    Anyway, can't even tell if the black one is painted or just has fancy plastic... It seems like both somehow. Is that even possible?

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