Motorstorm: Apocalypse Gets A Huge Update, Move Support

Don't you worry, Evolution Studios plans to keep the end of the world going on for as long as possible.

A big, beefy update to Motorstorm: Apocalypse adds amongst other things, a new Mode Editor feature which will allow you to create your own game modes to play with others on and offline. Think of it as being the Motorstorm equivalent to tweaking the settings in games like Halo to have matches with only rockets and zero gravity, which, by the way, is the only way to play Halo.

Other cool new things you'll be able to do include sharing customised vehicles from, PS3 steering wheel and Move support, and some tweaking to online play and the community site including clan tags, gambling adjustments, and player profiles.

As with most game updates, this will be sent your way as soon as you start up the game with a system connected to the PSN. All in all, something you're excited about? Any cool Motorstorm stories you'd like to share? Sound off below!

MotorStorm Apocalypse Monster Update [via The PlayStation Blog]


    Nuh uh, the only way to play Halo is DMRs and Armor Lock only on Sword Base.

    Wish they'd work on the tracks a little more to make the game less frustrating...

    I LOVE this game, but I hate the pointless little bits of art on the outside of corners or in the middle of nowhere that clip and destroy my car.

    Does any one know what the move support will be yet. ie how it is implemented??

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