NBA 2K12 Still Adding Players To Its Classic Teams

Interesting tweet out of 2K Sports' digital marketing manager, Ronnie Singh, this afternoon: "We have just secured the NBA 2K12 rights to '93 Denver Nuggets LaPhonso Ellis and added him to roster."

LaPhonso Ellis wasn't a household name that year, but he did average 15.1 points per game as a starting forward on a Nuggets' front line that included Dikembe Mutombo and Rodney Rogers. This will complete that roster.

What is more interesting is that it means 2K Sports was in discussions with retired players past the announcement of its "NBA's Greatest" lineup last week. I've asked a 2K Sports representative if they are still in discussions with anyone not yet announced for the game. There was no reply at the time of publication.

This is also intriguing in light of the matter involving Charles Barkley, in which 2K Sports quite clearly built a matchup to showcase him on his rookie team, the 1984-1985 Philadelphia 76ers, only to have the agreement fall through at the last minute. Reading between the lines, a statement released Tuesday by 2K Sports seemed to shut off hope that Barkley would be in the game, but maybe some other noticeable names will still come aboard.


    Ok 2K you have historical teams (nice) but will you please just let us know about My Player, Association and online play... you know the things we actually play in the game...

    Man they totally sucker punched us, no "Charles Barkley" in the title this time.

    Where is Reggie Miller , thats who needs to come back. How can you have classic match ups and not include Reggie Vs the Knicks.

    I love NBA 2K12 all 34 classic teams. please! Make a DLC for more classic team on nba 2k12 add on 1958 Hawks 1976 Celtics 1975 Bulls, 1988 Mavericks , 1980 Nuggets, 1973 Pistons 1975 Warriors, 1995 Pacers (w/o Miller, 1973) 1975 Clippers/Braves 1954 Lakers 1997 Heat 2003 Nets 1979 Sonics 1966,2001 Sixers 1993 Suns (w/o Barkley, 1976) 1977 Blazers 1964 Kings/Royals 1983 Spurs 1972,1985 Rockets 2001 Raptors 1990 Jazz 1978 Wizards/Bullets and more! I would pay $4.99 a team

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