Need For Speed Has A Need For Snow

Upcoming racer Need for Speed barrels down Independence Pass in Colorado and puts a big decision in front of the player: Do you race against the tumbling avalanche or simply wait for the *next* Need for Speed game to come out?

Need for Speed: The Run features cars like the Audi R8 and the BMW M3 GTS and is the umpteeth game in the highly successful racing series. It's out this Australian spring.


    What is this Need for Speed: Modern Warfare????

    we need to stop doing this "slow-mo WTF!!! scene" gaming trend...

    Another NFS.... the dead horse has been flogged down to bone dust and still EA won't quit...

      The 'new' NFS: Hot Pursuit was a really good game. The last two 'Shift' games have been well received. I don't understand your point.

        I enjoyed the first half of my time with HP. Then I got over it being exactly the same game over and over and didn't even bother playing the other campaign :(

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