Neon Genesis Fried Chicken

Colonel Sanders gives Neon Genesis Evangelion a makeover to the bewilderment and delight of Japanese netizens.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a Japanese staple that encompasses an array of mediums, perhaps most notably anime.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is also a Japanese staple that has been synonymous with Christmas since the early 1970s (more here). Turkey is relatively hard to come by, fried chicken is not, and Eva-01 Colonel Sanders is, ahem, finger lickin' good.


    All hail Eva unit - Colonel Sanders... He'll save us from the Angels... And a certain red headed monster

    Saw this when I was in Tokyo during the weekend. There's also one dressed as Luffy:

    Well there you go

    this is the kfc in akiba isnt it?

    Who the hell eats turkey for Christmas anyway? FFS Australia isn't the 51st State of the USA just yet!

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