New Battlefield 3 Screens Shoot The Place Up

New Battlefield 3 Screens Shoot The Place Up

Here are some new screens for EA’s upcoming shooter Battlefield 3. No word on which platform these are from, but if it’s not the PC, I’ll eat all that sand.







  • That last image really highlights how gorgeous it all looks. I was impressed with the demo at E3, and even though it’s not my type of game I have to admire what they’ve been able to do, graphics-wise.

  • Part of me still doesn’t believe these aren’t pre-rendered… it’s crazy that 23-ish years ago I was sitting in my uncle’s apartment playing COMBAT on his Atari and thinking that Technology was some kind of wonderful magic. If only I knew what was coming 😛

  • Is it bad that I’m sitting here and thinking of everything that’s wrong with this?

    Particularly those mountains in the last one. Terribly low res(relatively).

    • nothing wrong with doing that. I do agree the mountains look pretty poor compared to the rest. also the guys wrist/hand in the 3rd last one is also pretty poor. though still way better than cod

      • I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed those 2 things. I was sitting there looking at the sandy image n noticed how fake n low res those mountains were. The wrist looked abit weirdly shaped too.

        But other than that, I am super excited about BF3!!!!!! =D

        • I could be wrong about the sandy mountainy duney things, but I think it’s an artifact of the tesselation, either it was designed with it in mind, and so it looks bad without it, or it wasn’t, and so looks bad with it, but I could well be wrong(I think it’s on, but I have no idea).

    • you sir are an idiot. this is looking alot better than bf bc2. even though some of the things like the mountain and the wrist looks fake. its shaping a hell of alot better.

      God help you sir if you are a cod fanboy as well. because as far as im concerned, every cod after cod 4 was just a stupid expansion.

      meh sometimes its not even worth typing but this is looking great and i cant wait till it comes out

      Meh long live DOOM i say xD

  • I don’t know, I’m never really all that interested in these posed shots. I like to see the kind of shots we’ll actually see in game – the gun, the iron sights, the HUD etc.

      • Oh thank god some others feel the same way. I dont get why game visuals get better & better, yet we never see in gameplay shots! its really annoying on game covers & ads. In fact, I think Nintendo are the only company who put actual gameplay shots on their game covers!

        • i actaully agree with you here as most of the times, screenshots dont seem to match the game and things you see in screenshots you cant always do in games. Nintendo always show screenshots that are exactly like the game

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