New Borderlands Patch Will Test Borderlands 2 Tech, Adds Steamworks

New Borderlands Patch Will Test Borderlands 2 Tech, Adds Steamworks

A new patch coming September 9 for the PC version of Borderlands will add Steamworks support and will begin to test some new systems development studio Gearbox Software wants to incorporate into Borderlands 2.

“This technology is about increasing the relationship between you and us, ” Gearbox president Randy Pitchford said as he announced the patch at a Gearbox panel at PAX. The new tech will send data back to Gearbox, letting them know “which guns suck”, which areas aren’t being visited and other info that, presumably, Gearbox can tweak.

“This will allow us to make better games,” he said.

It wasn’t clear if this tech would allow Gearbox would be able to use that data to update the first Borderlands, will influence the second or will actually allow Gearbox to track Borderlands 2 play habits and keep that game in a constant state of improvement even after it has launched.

The addition of Steamworks support, Pitchford said, will help people not lose their saves, which people will be able to save in the cloud.


  • I love it how they are still working on the PC version of Borderlands 😀 Adding achievements and now Steamworks 🙂

    FINALLY synced saved games 🙂 I really wish Steam offered this form of service on all their games,… Its 1 of many pains when backing up my games

  • Steamworks has already been added to Borderlands (Achievements), they are adding extra Steamworks features (cloud saving).

  • Cloud support… About time!

    All the hours I spent in Borderlands I’ve been worried to death about losing my saves!

        • online is so broken 🙁 i want to play more borderlands but its too difficult to play with mates online. hopefully fixed for the sequel.

          • You can use a program called gameranger, really easy to setup and it helps get games going.

        • I second that notion. So far I haven’t even tried Borderlands multiplayer (which is apparently far better than solo) because I refuse to set up yet another account, especially though Gamespy. Jeez, it’s not 1998 and I’m not searching for Quake II servers anymore.

    • I agree. I wish all games on steam supported Steamworks especially steam cloud like GTAIV you can’t successfully save your GTAIV PC Steam save & have it work. So I have lost about 160 hours of game play in GTAIV & about 30 in the episodes.

    • $7.50 (GOTYE) is an even greater buy considering the DLC (or $5.60 if you split a 4-pack) – I recommend playing expanded from the beginning instead of playing the base game and then getting the DLC; I think Knoxx changes the weapon drop rates so you can get more epic stuff in the base game.

      What would be really nice however is if the patch could finally remove Securom from Ned and Moxxi as well!

  • Thanks for pointing out the steam sale!

    Wow… I just went and bought the GOTY edition on Steam for the 8 bucks even though I have a physical copy and have bought the DLC already before…

    It’s just too stupid convienent to have the digital copy tied to my steam account for retrieval at a later date…

    God I love Steam.

  • Will the patch fix the FOV for widescreen resolutions? I would love that very muchly.

    As it stands I customized a key-bind to set a custome FOV, so I have to hit ‘F10’ or something everytime an area loads 😛

    Still a great game though

  • Can they track that I don’t need 5 blue grenade drops for every blue weapon drop? So very many blue Transfusion grenades drop I start raging every time I see a new one (roughly every 5 minutes :P).

  • Can they track that everyone who plays it still requires a huge amount of tinkering to stop the annoying unskippable cutscenes, the awful FOV, the awful mouse acceleration, the awful lack of real PC options or the awful and laggy multi? Because that might send them a goddamn message.

    I really, REALLY want to enjoy playing this game but it’s just so BROKEN.

  • ““This technology is about increasing the relationship between you and us, ” Gearbox president Randy Pitchford said”

    aka continuing to erode your ability to buy the product and play it whenever/wherever you want. this Always On madness that UbiSoft pushes is insane, but Steamworks can be just as problematic unless you’re can see the future and safely put Steam into Offline mode BEFORE your broadband goes down.

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