New Burnout: Crash Trailer Features Crashing, Burning

New Burnout: Crash Trailer Features Crashing, Burning

Just in time for Gamescom, EA has shared a new trailer for its upcoming XBLA/PSN car-smasher Burnout: Crash. The 360 version of the game will be compatible with Kinect, and Crecente had a lot more fun with the game than he thought he would.

I’ll be playing it for the first time next week, but the overhead view, multiple game-modes, and super-explosions already have me interested.


  • Thing is, the Burnout games were (are) fun because you have to win a race, but crashing is also kinda fun in that unrealistic Hollywood car-chase sense. Unless there’s a racing element to this game (why not have a Micro Machines-style top-down racer, with crashing?), I can’t see it holding my attention for long.

  • I’ve played every burnout game (including the ps2 exclusive, and even need for speed hot pursuit), and burnout takedown, and burnout revenge were easily the best in the series, and the crash junctions were a huge part of that. if this has just those junctions, and is only a $15 xbla game, I think I’ll be pretty happy with that.

    pretty excited about this game

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