New Counter-Strike's New Screenshots

You've seen the debut trailer, you've read Totilo's take on the game, now see the first eight screenshots for Valve's upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

In case you're only just joining us, CS:GO is a new take on the venerable multiplayer shooter promising a few tweaks to the system, new weapons, new maps and even a casual mode for those either new to the game or returning after a long layoff brought about by fear and/or dislike of the game's experienced, hardcore fans.

There'll even be cross-platform multiplayer between PC and PS3, the latter able to use a mouse and keyboard (though the game will also be released on Xbox 360).

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    Looks like the original with a texture pack, hope they didn't spend long making it haha.

    Wow that looks pretty cartoony. the character/gun models need some serious work. levels look alright though

    Wait you guys were expecting something other than half life 2 level graphics from Valve? Haven't you heard? Valve's engines have an "expected" shelf life that is nearly longer than two generations of consoles.

    This is the part where there should be a witty one liner... but unfortunately I am not joking and we can probably expect the same level of effort from the next four to five valve titles.

      Have you played Half Life 2 recently? This is leaps and bounds better.

        that might be so, but have you played any other game that is not made by valve?

        most definitely isnt 'leaps and bounds better' then

          If we're talking Valve games in general -- Portal 2 looked awesome, way better than plenty of other games coming out this year. Judging by it, the Source engine has plenty of life left.

          Oops, submitted my comment too early.

          Anyway, this looks to me like a problem with the art direction rather than a problem with the graphics. There's some cool looking lighting going on in some of these screenshots, the textures are high-res, and that muzzle flash looks awesome. Other than that, yeah, it looks pretty bland, but like I said, that's more to do with the art direction than the engine.

      a good game does not need good graphics.

        Then why are they making a new cs?

          Because FPS's make $$$

            It'll probably be 20$. Making a new CSS allows them to implement engine upgrades and new weapons, maps and mechanics without pissing off the old community.

    Cross console play. Great. My only concern though is with having dedicated servers and games such as Surf games, Gun Game, Zombies etc. etc. Ill be getting it on PC but what if people on PS3 want to play on these games. I have lots of friends who would only be able to play on PS3 and I'd want them to be able to play on these types of servers with me.

    "There’ll even be cross-platform multiplayer between PC and PS3, the latter able to use a mouse and keyboard."

    For a second there, I almost thought we couldn't use mouse and keyboard on PC.

    Im hoping they'll allow aim down sight, but its likely they'll stick with the classic style.

    I give it a month after release that valve start selling hats. That's what this was made for, right?

    The way the characters run and gold their guns is enough to put me off. It just looks rubbish :/

    As long as there are special servers for human beings to play on. Seriously, the machine-level accuracy of some of your opponents makes CS almost unplayable.

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