New Little King's Story Is New

Guess that's why it's new! Konami is bringing the utterly charming Little King's Story role-playing game to the PS Vita.

The game features a new design for the Little King. He looks slightly less little and more grown up. The graphics do look as cute as before; this time around, they are making good use of the PS Vita's extra horsepower, proving players with a hi-def Little King's Story.

New Little King's Story features multi-touch controls, and should provide players with another entertaining yarn.

It is one of four PS Vita titles Konami showed today in Tokyo. The game does not currently have a release date.


    Better not tell my sister...she'll want to buy a PSVita then D=

    Holy crap I want it so bad...

    A great game on the Wii, should be even better as a portable title.
    The PSV line up just gets better & better!

      Just curious, what exactly IS the launch lineup. All i have seen are a bunch of mobile games for it and uncharted as the only decent looking one.

    Why does this have to be exclusive for Vita?

    That is beyond incredibly lame.

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