New Soul Calibur V Trailer Has Less Cleavage Than You'd Expect

I'm not necessarily against cleavage per se, but I do happen to be of the opinion that the Soul Calibur series is overloaded with an almost obnoxious amount of flesh. Surprisingly, this new trailer, released at gamescom focuses more on the fluid fighting mechanics the series is (also) famous for. Looks great.

Thanks VG247.


    Not as much cleavage?... Pass :)

    Man i HATE fighting vulva.. such a slippery sucker!
    And those claws and lanky swaying body just bother me!

      Freudian slip?

        Oh feth.. it's Volvo isn't it?
        Close enough!

        I HATE YOU, VOLVO!!!

          Almost--it's Voldo :P

            As in Voldomort, yeah?

              LOL LOOPS, I totally thought that was intentional. albeit a bit disturbing.

                :D I was wondering if anyone would actually think i was being serious or not...
                Man i have so much fun on my own sometime...*ahem*

              Marilyn Manson's frigid brother...

      "Man i HATE fighting vulva.. such a slippery sucker!"
      That's the exact same phrase my friend used when he came out.

    I loved every instalment save for III. Very much looking forward to this.

      You even liked IV ruining the feeling of the series?

      Sword fight in castle, sword fight in medieval town, fighting Darth Vader on the Death Star, sword fight on a river...

        So you didn't have a problem with Heihachi travelling back in time for some reason in Soul Calibur II? So there were some interesting casting choices. I'm a Star Wars nerd (original trilogy only!), so I didn't mind the mismatch so much.

          Heihachi and Spawn both 'fit' the aesthetics of SC far more than Darth Vader ever could.


    No fighting game can topple the Dead or Alive series when ti comes to cleavage.

    With the exception of Ivy (and possible Taki with her skin-tight outfit), Soul Calibur has generally been pretty toned down in that department.

    Boobs never bother me, even in DOA. At first I notice them...after a while I just switch off, forget they're even there.

    You should try reading some of Alan Moore's latest comics, pe -NIS!

    Given the title, I'm amused by the fact that the still shown by the vid is a shot of ivy's cleavage.

    The only problem I have with fighting game boobs is how the hell those ladies manage to not fall over being all top heavy like that.

      ninja skill!

        I think you've nailed it here. Taki actually uses her boobs as counterweights to perform those crazy flips she does!

      If I were Ivy, I'd be more worried about falling OUT than OVER!

    I think he means "I will show you the greatest Nightmare"

    I couldnt play 'Ivy' to save my life but she was always my favorite character.

    Ah man... No Taki? she was my favorite char, I guess I'll just stick to the new predecessor then...

      Taki certainly seems to be there - it's not totally clear but look around 44 seconds into the video. If that's not Taki it's someone else with very similar moves.


    I've always enjoyed the SC series but only in small doses. The lack of balance with the characters always gets on my nerves after about 30 mins of playing especially SC4 with Yoda, hated him sooooo much in that.

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