New Trailer Proves Mass Effect Can Be A Pretty Shooter

New Trailer Proves Mass Effect Can Be A Pretty Shooter

The new Mass Effect 3 trailer, debuting at Gamescom in Europe today, is all about combat. Specifically, it’s about shooting, the weakest part of BioWare’s series. The shooting looks a lot better this time. So do the graphics.

I’m sure Mass Effect 3 is still a role-playing game, but could it also prove to be an attractive shooter? Odd of that increased today.

Mass Effect 3 will be out in March.


  • Not that impressed…… Looks about the same as ME2, which was like Gears of War, but with a bit of RPG added for fun. so what is it Bioware? A third-person shooter, or and RPG? If you try and do both you end up with the mess that was Mass Effect 2.

  • Faster running, rolling and dodging, improved melee combat, new weapons, grenades…. ME2’s combat gameplay was a huge jump from ME1, looks like they’re doing it again.


  • ME3 will have more RPG elements than ME2. There’s more upgradeable talents per character, and there’s a deep weapon upgrade system. So I think its fair to say it will fall in the ‘sweet spot’ between ME1 and ME2.

    I admit I’d have liked a bit more RPG-ness in ME2, but ME2 was brilliant regardless.

  • Now, now, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. Except when they’re crazy and stupid. ME2 wasn’t a mess. Compared to ME1 it was sleek and refined. Admittedly I did feel a little limited at times, but it’s still my favourite game of all time, without hyperbole. I think a balance between ME1 and 2 would be perfect but if it’s more like 2 than 1 combat-wise then all the better. ME1 just felt really flighty and ungrounded. ME2 felt visceral. Anyway, I trust Bioware to make yet another fantastic game. JUST BRING IT OUT ALREADY >.<

  • I found the character animations to be somewhat awkward, to be truly honest I wasn’t impressed either. My only wish is that they bring back the large open environments like from ME1. Also didn’t grenades fly in ME1?

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