New Trailer Proves Mass Effect Can Be A Pretty Shooter

The new Mass Effect 3 trailer, debuting at Gamescom in Europe today, is all about combat. Specifically, it's about shooting, the weakest part of BioWare's series. The shooting looks a lot better this time. So do the graphics.

I'm sure Mass Effect 3 is still a role-playing game, but could it also prove to be an attractive shooter? Odd of that increased today.

Mass Effect 3 will be out in March.


    Looking good bioware.

    I gotta stop looking at all these updates and things, it makes me more and more anxious for the game

    Is there any situation which isn't automatically improved by adding mechs?

    Mass Effect 2 sits pride of place on my pile of shame. Very shameful.

    Not that impressed...... Looks about the same as ME2, which was like Gears of War, but with a bit of RPG added for fun. so what is it Bioware? A third-person shooter, or and RPG? If you try and do both you end up with the mess that was Mass Effect 2.

      I'm guessing you've never mixed peanut butter with Nutella.

      Mess! How could you call that a mess? Granted mass effect one had some clunky shooting compared to other shooters, but mass effect 2 was beloved for a reason.

      The best games are always the ones that blend a few different genre's and pull it off. A lot of reviewers and critics agree:

      you kidding me cameron, this looks way better than ME2 (graphically speaking)
      ok maybe not 'way' better but I'm impressed that theyve pushed it that much further than ME2.
      Also grenades make a comeback?? (ie not class specific) Hopefully...

      agreed, ME2 was a massive mess. ME1 was much better. I wish they would go back to ME1 style (graphics improvements are good) but the focus on shooting is BS.

    Fast slipped UI-less gameplay footage is indeterminate.

    I just wish they'd go back to how things were in ME1...

      Maybe you should stick to tetris.

      i totally agree with you, ME1 was WAY better than ME2. ME2 was just to get the dumb ass modern warfare noobs in. *sigh*

    thank god it's not first person perspective...i'm still scarred from fallout 3

    Faster running, rolling and dodging, improved melee combat, new weapons, grenades.... ME2's combat gameplay was a huge jump from ME1, looks like they're doing it again.


    dear god no! the last thing we need is them focusing even more on shooting. ME2 was barly an RPG! ffs

    ME3 will have more RPG elements than ME2. There's more upgradeable talents per character, and there's a deep weapon upgrade system. So I think its fair to say it will fall in the 'sweet spot' between ME1 and ME2.

    I admit I'd have liked a bit more RPG-ness in ME2, but ME2 was brilliant regardless.

    Now, now, everyone's entitled to their opinion. Except when they're crazy and stupid. ME2 wasn't a mess. Compared to ME1 it was sleek and refined. Admittedly I did feel a little limited at times, but it's still my favourite game of all time, without hyperbole. I think a balance between ME1 and 2 would be perfect but if it's more like 2 than 1 combat-wise then all the better. ME1 just felt really flighty and ungrounded. ME2 felt visceral. Anyway, I trust Bioware to make yet another fantastic game. JUST BRING IT OUT ALREADY >.<

    I found the character animations to be somewhat awkward, to be truly honest I wasn't impressed either. My only wish is that they bring back the large open environments like from ME1. Also didn't grenades fly in ME1?

    More shooting? I hope theres some more RPGing as well.

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