New Wii U Controller Patent Shows Magnetic Sensor And Flash Memory

New patent documents for the Wii U's controller reveal all manner of bells and whistles, including a couple that we hadn't heard about.

Sure, it's got a screen; of course it's got a camera. It's got an accelerometer, too, whoop-dee-do. But it's also got flash memory, though how much memory has yet to be revealed. In addition, it's got a magnetic sensor that could be used to detect body motion without a camera.

You know another thing magnets are good for detecting? Heartbeats. So it's poooossible that that magnetometer marks a sneaky return of the yet-to-be-released Wii Vitality Sensor.

I'm just saying. It sounds suspicious.

Wii U WiiPad controller patent reveals magnetometer, flash memory [Joystiq]


    does this mean the screen can be used like a drawing tablet (ie wacom)? meaning that you wouldnt actually touch the screen but it could tell where the cursor/pen is??

    Flash memory: store Miis, like the Wiimotes did. Given the possibility of playing Wii U games without the TV, perhaps the controller will be used as a portable console in its own right (board games and the like? FF tactics / Advance Wars on a 6" touchscreen! ^_^)

    Magnetic sensor: I always liked the "bio-tetris" idea for N64 - some kind of biometric sensor like that would be cool. Then again, it could be as has been suggested, for detecting the presence and position of specific peripherals.

      Well the Wii U announcement video did show people playing Reversi away from the console, so it seems to have the capacity to at least play some simple games. And the controller can apparently interact directly with the balance board.

    Either that or it is just a ditial compass, as found in many smart phones and the PS Move controller.

    Flash memory will hopefully be significant enough to hold some apps. Pretty sure Reggie or Miyamoto said something that sounded like they want the controller to sit on a dining table and be used instead of an iPad - checking weather/news/etc.

    It'll surely be interesting to see what these technologies will be used for.

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