Nine Out Of 10 Will Not Finish The Game They Are Playing

Just 10 percent of gamers actually finish a game, an industry veteran told CNN in a recent feature, and his colleagues and other figures back him up. "Ninety percent of players who start your game will never see the end of it unless they watch a clip on YouTube," says Keith Fuller.

Raptr, the gaming social network, vouches for that, noting that only 10 percent of those in its service who have played Red Dead Redemption have finished the last mission for one of 2010's most acclaimed games. Raptr's John Lee, with a career that included executive jobs at Capcom, THQ and Sega, recalled being told the completion figure was about 20 percent.

CNN goes further into the psychology of completion, games design and the pile of shame, noting that as gamers' average age gets older, they have less time for massive, 40-hour campaigns. And even if they don't have a wife and kids, "The amount of digital distractions now is far greater than it's ever been before," says Konami's Jeremy Airey. "People need time to check their Facebook, send a Twitter, be witty on their blog, play with their phone -- oh, and that game you made. If they feel as though the end is far away, they'll simply say, 'I don't have time for that' and stop playing."

Why Most People Don't Finish Video Games [CNN]



      Just thought I should be loud and obnoxious because Trjn isn't going to be.
      Also because he's probably on a plane right now.

    There's also a large number of CoDKids/Fratboys who never touch the campaign and instead jump into multiplayer despite being 1/3 of the recommended age who couldn't sit down to watch a loading screen if you promised them a large killstreak.

    I'll always finish a game if it has a good story.

    wonder if that statistic is skewed at all by WoW ect

    Proud to say that I've finished every game I start except for one (provided it can be finished).

    I can simpatize, though, it takes time and I trail one to two years behind the latest-and-greatest. Which has the added benefit that I tend to get my games on the cheap (don't but them until I'm going to play).

    To make the point: just finished Bioshock 2.

      I'm in the same boat... just finished Bioshock 1

    I'm of the 10% category. I finish all my games unless it is a decidedly terrible game that I ended up having to cry myself to sleep over the wasted money.

    My friend however, he spends 40 hours looking at textures in the game and complaining about how some blade of grass doesn't wave in the wind properly, but then fails to ever finish even 1/3rd of the story campaign.

    What's up with Marston's face in the banner? Or does he have a smaller face on the PS3 version> XD

    I'm kinda part of the 10% category. I mostly never leave a game unfinished, I think it's a waste of money if you don't complete the main campaign/story or whatever. However for the really boring and repetitive games, I don't really bother to finish.

    I've stopped buying games (except must-haves like SSFIV:AE and cheapos like Minecraft and HoN) so I can finish my backlog. Starcraft and Broodwar have been ticked off the list; now working on Quake, Unreal and Warcraft 3.

    I don't believe in finishing games that are terrible.

    Case in point; Dragon Age 2. Considering they see completion numbers, I don't want to add another tally mark to a statistic that some executive who's never played a game in their life can warp in order to 'prove' that the move to dumb down the series was a good move.

    I've finished Mass Effect 2 4 times, never finished Far Cry 2, finished Uncharted 2 3 times, never finished Dragon Age 2...

    Coincidentally, I've yet to actually finish Red Dead Redemption. I don't know why, but when I first played the game, it was awesome... now that I have access to Blackwater, the game feels meh to me.

    Phoenix Wright is now way more interesting, especially with the last "Episode" on Trials and Tribulations.

      That's exactly what happened to me. I got really into it, then once I did a few Blackwater missions, I completely lost interest for some reason. I'll have to try it again one day..

      When I found out how long it took to unlock West Elizabeth I knew I'd be over the game by then so I found a way to glitch into the area and started doing missions and such there. Made the game seem more fleshed out and balanced.

        RAAARRRRRR!!! *Breaths* I hear this so often.

        Seriously guys, this game is long, blah blah, I get it... but it has one of the best, most poetic, mature, endings of any video game ever!!!! Do yourself a favour and finish it.

        Just put the blinkers on, ignore all the side quests and flower pickin', and complete the story (also, you haven't Really finished the story until you've seen the credits roll - hooray for secret epilogues)

    maybe because the last 1/4 of red dead redemption was rubbish

    If the game has a good story like Witcher 2 or Uncharted I will always finish it. Funnily enough a good story usually dictates my purchase, not this single player tacked on COD crap. (which is why I will get Battelfield if it has a sweet SP).

    I finish most games. On my xbox just 2 games not done on my PC of those installed/started 2

    I use to finish every game I owned ,even if it was shit. Then I stumbled onto steam sales and its all gone down hill. When I buy games in packs of ten or whatever their is always something else I want to try and so I start games and never get around to finishing them.

    I still finish games on the PS3 though.

      that is the curse of steam

    for Red Dead i got to the part where you go down that raft along the river and that whole part was just shit. i really enjoyed the voice acting but the gameplay wasn't that great. Same thing for GTA4.

    the last big game i finished was probably mass effect 2 - that was actually engaging and fun.

      Shame you stopped just before the biggest WOW moment of RDR.

    It depends on the game, really. RDR felt pretty long to me, there was a lot to do. Games like MW2, though? Follow a corridor for four hours? You can bet a lot of people finished that.

    I'm actually starting to get just as much satisfaction from 8-9 hour games as 40+ hour games now, I recently just played enslaved and I thought it was awesome and the way it was broken up into chapters made it a lot easier to play because it allowed me to have certain break up points where i could play for 45 mins finish a chapter then leave it feeling satisfied. New Vegas in contrast I just got sick of because it felt like there was no end in sight and I was just pissing around doing a mission here and there but not really getting anywhere in particular and it was worse for it in my opinion.

      I'm playing Enslaved at the moment - and its paced VERY WELL, in fact other game designers should study it to see how to structure levels in a game, none of this Halo 3 bullshite where trek round and round a forest/bunker/desert facing off against endless waves of nasties before hitting another cutscene.

      Enslaved (Portal is another game like this) gives you an area and says "get past this" then you're onto the next bit of the story - I like it a lot.

      Havnt played enslaved yet, but im 86 hours into new vegas and loving it, not really wanting an ending.

    I fall into the older, predominately 'time poor' gamer. Though there are a few games I have not finished, it is nothing to do with effort and more to do with generally losing interest. Anything that can immerse me into a decent story will ALWAYS be finished. Content that is just all action set-pieces I will likely set aside after it gets too repetitive. If a game is worthy of my time it will always get finished, and in fact may see me replay many times over.

    Story and a compelling world always gets me, and I love to play in open-worlds too. Those are the games I sink most of my time into. If games are getting finished they must have been pretty vacuous.

    But this has always been the case and it's the reason they keep saying oh well this is why we have a 6 hour campaign.

    I'm sorry if your game can't sustain people to finish it it's a problem with the game not the length of the game.

    If you have a truly great game people will put countless hours into it.

    I know people who still to this day haven't finished Oblivion's story. But they have put in hundred's if not a 1000 hours into messing around with the multiple characters and in some cases mods that they have played with

    I also don't follow the logic that everything needs to be over in 6 hours otherwise things like MMO's and the like wouldn't exist.

    In a way it's probably like saying only 10% of people with cars use it for more than 100km a day. So they should only make cars that can achieve that distance.

    And whats more irritating is that 5-10 years ago you could have a 40 hour game with epic stories and well made content. Now they struggle to make a game that last's 6 hours with a lame story and is full of explosive set pieces

    there are so many games i havn't finished, it seems games that are repetitive just don't go well for me but it also depends on other factors, got half way though Black Ops then started to feel like a the game was a chore to play.

    I think they're right about having less time for 40+ hour campaigns as you get older. But I handle that by not buying many of those games anymore, so I still finish everything.

    I have a massive backlog. Mainly because I always find games on special and purchase them. Mind you I have a backlog with games from NES, Snes, N6a etc. I do go back and finish the ones I can. If I get stuck then I will usually try to use a walk through to complete it.
    Unfortunately, I have barely any time to complete the games I have right now, mainly because manifest is next weekend...

    See almost every game I've played in the last few years I've played to completion (or in the case of Mass Effect/ME2 many times over) unless it's turned out to be really bad.

    Also Ive found most games only hit around the 10 hour mark or less and I'm actually perfectly fine with that. They seemed to be designed much more to give a shorter but more enjoyable experience with story worked in there much more thoroughly. I mean sure longer games can be great but I really don't care if your game is 20 hours long if 15 of those hours are just filler anyway.

    Pah! Games are so short nowadays, you can knock most of them over in a single day. *Hi fives the other 10 percenters*

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