Nintendo Australia Can't Confirm Whether Australians Will Receive The Skyward Sword Gold Bundle

This is a strange one. Today we found out that Nintendo would be releasing a Skyward Sword Gold Bundle, featuring a gold Wii Motion Plus remote and a Zelda soundtrack. You'd think confirming this same package will be available in Australia would be as simple as calling up and double checking, but it isn't.

During a phone call to Nintendo today, I asked whether or not Skyward Sword's Gold Bundle would be coming to Australia - the response? All Nintendo can confirm at this specific time is that the game itself will arrive in Australia before 2012. Absolutely nothing to report on the Gold Bundle.

Just to clear things up - this does not mean that the Gold Bundle will not be released in Australia -- in fact, I'd put every cent I own on the Gold Bundle being announced for Australia within the month -- all it means is that Nintendo Australia don't want to talk about it right now, so they are refusing to engage in any conversation about it.

And still no release date for the game either.

It's bizarre - local Australian gamers are clamouring for a release date, and they're clamouring for confirmation of this Gold Bundle. Withholding this information for whatever reason only encourages savvy consumers to import.

We can only hope that Nintendo Australia has learned the lessons from the Ocarina of Time 3D debacle, in which a local delay allowed GameTraders to grey import Ocarina of Time in bulk, completely subverting any local street date imposed by Nintendo locally, making for the most confusing street break in history.

Hopefully we won't see any delay of Skyward Sword locally. It's difficult for consumers and it's difficult for retail.

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    That means they haven't finished negotiating the exclusive rights with EB so they can bend us over a barrel with insane pricing.

    I'm on to you, Nintendo. >:(

    Ugh! I can only hope for 3 things.

    1. The game comes out on November 18th-20th 2. The Gold Bundle is available
    3. and it's reasonably priced

    EB has the Gold Bundle listed at $118... Really?

    Either way, I've waited long enough for a Zelda title so I'll probably pick it up at $118... I usually import games but I'm way to impatient to wait for my Zelda <3

      EB pulls dates and prices out of its ass.

      I suspect importing will be significantly quicker.

      "Nintendo won''t screw us over with such a big title!"

      ~ Kirby's Epic Yarn

      nuff said. You want this game this year, import.

        I don't know...

        Usually when I import, it takes about 2 weeks to arrive in Melbourne from the UK.

        Xenoblade was shipped sometime on the 18th of August from Ozgameshop and I still haven't received it.

        Twilight princess was released a day before the UK but a few weeks after the US. But knowing Nintendo... :(

          Ozgameshop are a bit strange with shipping, I've had stuff literally arrive in 4 days and others have taken nearly 4 weeks. I suppose since the shipping is free you get what you pay for

          I'm the same - still waiting for my ozgameshop copy of Xenoblade to come. I've had a few things from the UK take much longer than normal recently (I usually get stuff within 10 working days, sometimes as quickly as 5 or 6) but some stuff has been taking up to 15. (I'm in Adelaide btw).

          I'm anxiously awaiting that as well as Deus Ex!

    *forfeits credit card to Nintendo*
    This is heaps better than the Twilight Princess mini Master sword/Hylian shield

      I'd completely forgotten about that.

    The subtle patterns on the box art behind Link remind me of Oracle of Seasons/Ages

      Reminds me of the sages from Twilight Princess, only without the beards.

    If this doesnt come here I'll be smashing my Wii into a million pieces. Mark my words

      Duly noted

    Ozgameshop it is then

    That should go well with my gold classic controller pro from Goldeneye. Now they just need to release a gold nunchuck!

    I'm hoping this pack appears on ozgameshop soon.

    It doesn't bother me really - I'll be importing it regardless!

    Just shutup and take my goddam money Nintendo!!!!

    Why can't they just say we're getting it? Surely we will (or at least something similar).

    If most retailers are selling it for $118 like EB's speculated price, I would probably pay that. I have to buy a MotionPlus Remote to play the game anyway, so may as well get the special edition one that looks pretty cool (though I wish all the buttons were white, but whatever).

    Over the years, I've come to assume that Nintendo of Australia is staffed exclusively by semi-intelligent seals, trained in marketing and nothing else.
    I'm going to keep thinking that until proven otherwise...

    Gold Wii and I might finally buy one.

    So importing it is... I seriously don't want to support Nintendo Australia in any way shape or form after the revolting pricing in the e-shop. I know we pay more than Americans but more than double is way too far, especially for games of such low quality.

    'Withholding this information for whatever reason only encourages savvy consumers to import.'

    Well written Mark.

    The truth hurts, Ninty.



    Considering it comes with a wiimot, I actully think 118 is pritty cheep for it.

    give it to meeeeeee

    I think nint aus know everyone will import it anyway, why wouldn't they when rrp will be set at 100 rip

    What's the difference betewen Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort?besides wii motionplus, like what are all of the sports in wii sports resort? and should i sell the original wii sports to get wii sports resort?

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