Nintendo: It's For Dresses, Now

Honey, if I bought this for you, would you wear it for me? This Game Boy-themed tube dress costs about as much as the original device — $US70. It's made by HereandThereVintage and available on Etsy.

Nintendo Dress [Etsy via LikeCool]


    I love the GameBoy, and it's fine to show off your inner geek, but this is just a REALLY ugly dress that no woman should ever have to wear. Unless she lost a bet or something.

      On its own I agree, although I do like where they put the select button. Maybe its one of those private-night-in peices.

    There's no way it's worth $70. It's a really basic design that requires little work and you could get the fabric for under $20. Hmmm, maybe I should make one? :P

    I think paired with a nice black leather jacket and some black spike stilettos, this could actually be a really fun piece.

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