Nintendo Now Fighting For The Super Mario Domain Name

Head to - you might be surprised with what you find. Instead of anything remotely official, is populated with hordes of rip off flash games featuring Mario. Now Nintendo are looking to put a stop to this, acquiring the domain in the process.

It seems strange that Nintendo are only now attempting to shut the site down and acquire the domain, considering the content on the site has apparently remained unchanged for the last year at least. It could be something to do with the fact that Nintendo are currently working on Super Mario 3D Land for release later this year.

According to Domain Name Wire, Nintendo has filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Forum in order to take possession of the domain, and considering what the website is being used for, most likely they'll be successful.

Nintendo 1-Ups for Popular Web Site [Domain Name Wire]


    How many other people just went to

    Super Mario 63. Classic.

      Redefined a generation of flash games!

    I just get a blank page...

      Get the latest version of flash, or don't use an iPhone?

    Personal favourite: Charlie the Duck.

    Could it get any more win?

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