Nintendo's Ambassador Program Ad Reads Like A Product Recall

Nintendo is slashing the price of the 3DS and giving away a ton of free games to early adopters. While I'm sure that's grim news for those who actually work at Nintendo, the marketing for the move doesn't have to follow suit!

The first ad up top is for the British 3DS-owning public. It's sombre to watch. A couple of paragraphs in and you give up hoping it takes a turn for the hilarious and resign yourself to the fact it's a commercial featuring nothing but a wall of solid text. No muzak, no animation, nothing.

The Japanese one is better. It's at least a little brighter. To remedy things, I fixed the British ad. It's the last clip in the gallery above.

3DS Ambassador Program [Tiny Cartridge]


    I'm going to buy my 3DS soon. Was going to buy a new mobile phone but I think I'll wait for Google to announce the new Ice Cream Sandwich-running superphone.

    Was *seriously* tempted to buy a 3DS on Saturday, because my local shop's already running the price drop on pre-owned units. So a 3DS for £130, effectively brand new (they get loads of people who get them for free with mobile phone deals and trade them straight in) and I'd get the 20 free games.

    However, money is tight at the moment and I don't *need* one yet. Also, there's only maybe one or two in the announced 20 games that I've any interest in.

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