Now That's How You Make A Game Of Super Smash Bros Melee Interesting

What may be the greatest variation on the log flume photo gag -- you know, the one in which log riders are engaged in the most casual or precise of activities, like playing Jenga or Monopoly during an intense drop -- manages to work in a Smash Bros reference.

Log fluming while playing a one-on-one game of Super Smash Bros. Melee on a GameCube as you're about to be soaked in theme park water? Dare I call it... epic? Dare anyone else visit Splash Mountain and attempt to outdo these jokesters?

We saw it via Reddit, but does anyone have a source for this one?


    Entertaining though the picture is, there are power supply issues that make this impossible.

      All log rides have power sockets, it's standard incase your phone goes flat or something.

    How do they get this stuff on the ride? Is security just that chilled in themeparks in the US?

    Best water graffix evvar!

    Why the hell is Donald upset about getting splashed? He's a goddamned DUCK.

    Was originally posted on 4chan's /v/ board, which was why you saw it on Reddit.

    They aren't actually playing it, it's just a picture the guy is holding up.

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