Ocarina Of Time Is A Beautiful Children's Story

Well, the game is, I guess, in a fairy tale kind of sense, but this wonderful art from Vikki Chu is as children's story as you can get.

Done a couple of years ago as a project, it doesn't try and tell the entire story of the classic Nintendo adventure, instead recreating the earlier section of the game where Link has to collect three spiritual stones.

Her work doesn't have words because it doesn't need them. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to plaster these all over the walls of my daughter's bedroom.

Ocarina of Time series [Vikki Chu, via Gamefreaks]


    This is amazing, I really want to see these made into a proper picture book now

    Would be good. I've stopped buying my daughter 'modern' childrens books and have been sticking with the old ones from my childhood about hungry caterpillars etc. Bought a 'big bag o' books' from a sale last month. 20 books and only 2 that I would let her read. Most of them had artwork that looked like it was made by a suicidally depressed 'starving artist' type with similar stories about pollution and social/economic collapse. I sh*t you not, there was one about a little girl crying because her dady got retrenched.

    I would much rather read to her about the adventures of Link, Navi and Zelda in the magical land of Hyrule rather that that depressing, and mostly brown, crap.

    Link as a kid cant hold the hylian shield! The Kokiri sword isnt blue, you can't slash the jelly fish and he's wearing the Wind Waker tunic!

    Continuity people!

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