Oh God...a Shopping Mall Simulator...On The iPhone...

When I was at university, I was designing a game with a friend. With The Sims making buckets of money and Theme Park being a big inspiration, we set out to make a game based on...running a shopping mall.

It didn't get very far. But that's OK! We're both going to be playing it this weekend anyway. Best part? Somebody else did all the hard work for us!

Mega Mall Story is the latest game from Japanese mobile developers Kairosoft, who most of you will know from their amazing Game Dev Story.

As with all their other games, it uses the same interface and the same basic management premise. Only you're running a giant shopping mall! It's also...ah, look, I'm going to have to finish this some other time. I'm too busy deciding where to stick the toilets.

Mega Mall Story [Apple App Store]


    aww, this one doesn't seem to be on Android yet.

    Oh well, we get Grand Prix Story which doesn't seem to be on iPhone, guess they're alternating between games?

    Reminds me of SimTower.

    Someone tell me the difference between this and SimTower...

      No houses and far less elevator management (Sim Tower's concept was originally of an elevator simulator rather than a Sim branded game)

        My 8 year old soul was crushed when i reached the limit for elevators. I didn't understand - couldn't understand why they wanted to cut short my tower building fun

      If your a fan of sim tower you should definitely check out Tiny Tower on the iPhone

    Nearly got an Android just to play Grand Prix Story...Pocket Academy is great too. Why do these games make me miss important moments like birthdays and the like?

    I think this is the first post by luke plunkett I've read that didn't have any pointless swearing. Well done!

    I love these devs. I have the 3 Android games, and they lag a little on my Wildfire, but theyre the smoothest running games on it and theyre damned good.

    Ill get this the second it comes out on Android. Same for an english version of Soccer Club Story.

    I've got Game Dev Story & Hot Springs Story for iPhone. I was wondering what was next. Time to buy it then. So simple but so addictive

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