On The Outside Of Halo Fest, Looking In

Stephen Totilo wanders the street outside Halo Fest 2011, which gets underway across the street from PAX 2011 and will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the venerable shooter series. He'll get in later tonight, and have more details tomorrow. Expect to hear plenty about Halo 4 coming out of this weekend.


    A shame I was a day late to enter the competition. I'm probably a much bigger fan then some kid who's only played the latest two games, teabags everything and abuses all glitches, errors and his mic or some MLG rager who thinks we need to decrease the amount of weapons and defense under the disguise of "skill".

      But not a big enough fan to get your entry in on time?

        I was busy with work and school and wanted to leave it for the weekend. But the cut-off date was Friday.

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