Paradox Interactive's Newest Game Is The War Of The Roses

Paradox Interactive not only makes games for nerds, it also codenames them after Kevin Costner films.

The strategy game maker's latest title is War of the Roses, which was a civil war over the throne of England. It's also a Michael Douglas movie. But this game isn't based on that.

Have a look at the trailer. For the Kevin Costner dorks out there (I know you are!), this game was apparently codenamed "Project Postman".


    My wife would love a game based on the Michael Douglas/Kathleen Turner movie.

    I *love* Paradox's games. This looks great.

    This annoys me because it chooses to steal the name of a great movie only a month after I decide to steal the name for my band, as a tribute to the movie. Thanks a lot! Paradox Games. Could have given me a little notice ;]

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