PAX Day 1: The Expo Booths

As I make my way around the PAX Expo Hall, I'm trying to take as many pictures as possible. Here are some shots I grabbed yesterday; from the completely awesome Skyrim dragon to Bioshock: Infinite's Songbird, dramatic props, creatures, and models cover the halls and skybridge. My personal favourite is the booth, which is set up to look like a nice, relaxing living room, complete with Otis Spunkmeyer cookies served by kindly old ladies.

(Side note: Not that it has ever detracted from the deliciousness of the cookies, but I've always felt that "Spunkmeyer" was a pretty regrettable name for any type of food product.)


    I hope that Mojang's booth was right next to Bethesda's...

    Is that the GOG booth babes baking cookies? What can't they do??

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