Peace In Our Time. Battlefield, Call Of Duty Makers Play Battlefield 3 Together

EA talks smack about Activision's Call of Duty. Wants it to rot. Predicts it will collapse, and soon. Activision rolls its eyes at EA, sighs and suggests there's enough room for EA's Battlefield 3 and all the Call of Duty/Modern Warfares to co-exist.


In Germany at Gamescom today, Robert Bowling, creative strategist for Modern Warfare studio Infinity Ward (he works for Activision!) was playing Battlefield 3 today (!) with Daniel Matros, community manager for Battlefield 3 (he works for EA!).

The Modern Warfare guy said he had a great time playing Battlefield 3.

The proof is in the Tweets, all delivered today:

The players of our happy drama are: Modern Warfare's Robert Bowling (@fourzerotwo) and Battlefields Daniel Matros (@zh1nt0) and David Goldfarb (@locust9), the latter being the lead designer of Battlefield 3.


    Haha that's awesome!

    Proof that the developers are just gamers, like us, who love games... They don't get taken in by the politics of the publishers.

      These aren't developers; Robert Bowling is a P.R. person who's more on the side of publishing than development (note that he didn't leave Infinity Ward after the big scuffle).

    so....who won?

      I'm guessing the Dice/EA guys might have a slight advantage ;) haha

    I say we promote a box office event. A team from battlefield, another from call of duty and they go head2head in neutral ground. Give Gabe a call and ask if they can do it counter-strike style. I'm sure he'd be in on that. ;)

      *on the new counter-strike engine I meant.

    "EA talks smack about Activision’s Call of Duty. Wants it to rot."

    Stephen Totilo is misrepresenting what EA said. When he said he wanted COD to rot from the core he meant that he wanted the core players to move toward BF.

    It was a clever analogy I thought. It wasn't anything personal he was just speaking about the fan base moving toward BF.

    I don't see how he was talking smack.

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