PlayStation 3 Price Drop: Australian Details

At gamescom today (or yesterday... who know how this crazy time difference works) Sony announced a price drop for the PlayStation 3. We've just received word from Sony that the price drop will also apply to the Australian market.

The PlayStation 3's 320GB model will now retail at an RRP of $449.95, whilst the 160GB model costs $349.95. A pretty decent deal all considering. The price will be effective August 22.

Personally - I'd recommend going for the model with less storage, since for the most part I stream media from my home PC, through my PS3 and, despite having a huge amount of DLC and downloaded games from the PlayStation Store, I haven't come close to maxing out the 120GB HDD I have in my PS3.

It's also worth nothing that you can install a new hard drive into your PS3 at any time.

Great deal, great console. And if you're on the hunt for a Blu-ray player, you could do a lot worse!


    You know, I still have a fat 60 GB PS3 (I think it was gen 2) Maybe time for upgrade for me? Sounds like a pretty good deal :)

      Just replace the hard drive - you don't need the whole new console.

        I did that. I had a 40gig one and now it's 200 and something or it was...

      If the one with PS2 backwards compatibility then hold onto it!
      Upgrading the hard drive is easy and there's guides on the net for doing it.

        Nah I missed the first gen backwards compatibility :(

        Yeah I'll probably just upgrade the HD, but damn that thing is a dust magnet! I would buy a slim just for the matte hood XD

        I find it funny people say look at a guide on the internet when there is a perfectly good guide in the actual PS3 manual.

    Reviews say the PS3 is a great Blu-Ray Player (I don't have one, but have a Sony Blu-Ray and it's great). A decent player will cost around $150, so if you factor that in you could argue you're paying $200 for a current gen console that's still got a good few years left in it. Not bad.

      Especially great deal if you've been a PC gamer for a long time - it's a good opportunity to check out some of the console exclusive games like Uncharted, Demon's Souls, Red Dead Redemption, Valkyria Chronciles, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Catherine, Vanquish, Killzone, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Hard Corps: Uprising, PixelJunk series, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, The Darkness, Heavy Rain, inFamous, Little Big Planet, Metal Gear Solid 4, Flower, Journey (soon!), Shadow of the Colossus/ICO HD (even sooner!), Ratchet & Clank, Yakuza, Mega Man 9/10, WipeOut HD, Costume Quest, etc

        Thanks, getting one tomorrow. Copying that list for later :D

    Yeah, I recently stuck a 500gb drive in my gen 2, and it's awesome - but it does run hot and I did see some occasional flicker via the HDMI out, which makes me think it's about to start dying.

    Side note: Stupid Australia tax. The 160gb is US$249 - we should be able to get this for $200-$240 AU, not an extra $100.

      Nothing stopping you from importing one if you can get it cheaper. The PS3 has a universal power supply (just add a standard PC power cable) and is unregioned except for Bluray playback, and honestly being in Region A instead of the ghetto Region B that Australia is in for Bluray is usually a blessing too.

        Really? Any PC Cable (sees 3 PC power cables in shed) that's incredible.

        Hmmm now to just find a way to justify this purchase to the wife...

      You guys seem to forget that Australia falls under the European branch of SCE and as such the USD/AUD exchange rate has no bearing.

      It's still a joke though. I know I'll be importing one from the US rather than paying more here. Even with international shipping it'll end up cheaper.

    Still way too overpriced.
    That said, might take the plunge and get one soon.

      pfft show me a better value piece of entertainment hardware for $350

        If it was brand new, maybe.
        Plenty of entertainment items have come out brand new, are better than a PS and cost less.

          Entertainment "items"? What are we including dildo's now?

            Well I'm sure some people would get more hours out of one of those than a PS3 :P

    This sucks for me. I won a $160gb one a few weeks back (already have a 120gb) and have already agreed to sell it to someone for $350... while it is still in the box and I haven't even got it yet from Sony, what are the changes that I will still get $350 from him? :(

    Good for everyone who does not have one, but i use my xbox for gaming and this is just a blu ray player and I game on it for exclusives only.

      Yeah, it must really suck winning a free PS3.

        yeah... i don't think that was his point...

        Yeah i know dude, but when you know money is coming in you kinda already know how you're going to spend it.... just sucks that i will now have to drop my price as a result...

      Dude, you're a TV celeb now. Throw your sig on the box.

        haha.. im trying to make money though? not lose more of it!

    i paid 799 for my 80GB model in 2008. Should of bought a PC like i did this year, more games and better games :D

      $799! My wallet hurts just thinking about that!

      I paid $200 for my 360 back on Boxing Day 2009. $350 is not a good deal

        for the same amount you could buy a 4GB 360 with world cup 2011 (admittedly from EB Games)

        I got an Arcade unit for $200 also around that time.
        In fairness I had to fork out another $150-200 for a HDD and a wifi adapter.

          Fair call - but I was able to have fun for almost 5 months before I decided to get a Hard Drive and hook up to the net.

      I paid $999 on release day and the thing melted it's motherboard a year or so back. Still got 150 back by selling it back to EB so not a total loss. Except the new slim I bought has rendered my ps2 collection useless.

      *should have
      sorry, couldn't help myself


      Think I bought one for around this price too :-p

    i still have my 60G phat as well, repaired from YLOD, backwards compatability i dont want to give up! but a second ps3 would be good :)

    Cool. Time to finally get on board.

    Ideas for PS3 exclusives please guys.
    And no i don't want Gran Turismo or LBP.
    Also not a huge fan of FPS's.
    I already want to get Uncharted 1 & 2, Heavy Rain and Res 5 move edition.
    I keep hearing you guys talk about ( i forget the name ) the hardest game ever.

      Demon Souls, which I'll be picking up now :)

        Buy Demon Souls, cry after failing the first level for the 80th time

      The inFamous games are pretty neato.

      Demon's souls. Not hard if you take it slow and careful, but still great fun.

      Demon's Souls is awesome (that'd be the hardest game ever to which you refer), one of the best games of this generation. Dark Souls is coming out soon, but you can get Demon's Souls dirt cheap though places like ozgameshop or zavvi - should only be about $25.

      God of War 3

      Valkyria Chronicles if you can find it - great strategy/RPG.

      Infamous is pretty good

      Metal Gear Solid 4 is awesome if you're a fan of the MGS games - if you haven't played the earlier ones then don't bother since it'll probably make no sense to you at all :P

      Flower (PSN)

      DEMON SOULS!!! That's it. Can't wait to annoy myself stupid with that game.

      Thanks guys for the quick replies and good suggestions. That is one of the reasons this site kicks arse.

      Definately get The God of War trilogy if i can find it.

      Also obviously waiting patiently for the 3 team ico games. Seriously looking forward to seeing SOTC in HD.

      LA NOIRE - not sure if it is exclusive but still very good. Also God of War 3 is fun

      If you didn't have Ico and Shadow of the Colossus on PS2, then those will definitely be worth grabbing when they're out (next month I think?)

    Have been thinking about getting one for a while, sounds like it might be time to.

    Does anyone know when this is going to come in to effect here?

      Found my own answer, Monday 22nd of August is when it's supposed to be happening.

    Being in Australia, i was expecting a price increase.


      AU continues getting shafted, no surprises there! I considered myself very lucky to get a launch JP PS3 last year for ~$250. Stuck in a 320GB HDD and watched BSG on BRD from start to finish. Good tiems.

      Still waiting for a similarly good deal for Xbox.

    EB's website is suggesting that this price cut is available for a 'limited time only'. Any word on that?

      EB Games is like the Mos Eisley spaceport. A wretched hive of scum and villainy.

      EB will do anything to drum up sales and pull people in to but their overpriced goods.

    Original Phat PS3 here (Backwards compatible) never had any issues, but the price cut is awesome for the new ps3 owners.

    If you dont care for Bluray movies you can order online and get it for 250

    One word, interested.

    I still have my release day Ps3, not one problem (i have jinxed it now), only thing is it has a 500g hdd in it (or was it 300g i cant remember)

    I still have my first gen Ps3 and not a single problem with the console to date. still using the original 40gb hard drive - somehow havent managed to max it out yet. An upgrade to the HDD is on the horizon.

    This isn't a good deal, Kotaku. We're getting shafted $100 AUD ($105 USD) for what, exactly? Sony's being pretty clear about their feelings towards the Australian market with this price "drop".

    Even Apple charge comparable prices to the US now — Sony's just flipping the lot of us the bird.

      Compared to what the AU prices were, it is a good deal.

        I disagree:

        Whichever way you want to cut it, Australians are getting a bad deal here. The prices went from insanely bad value to bad value. I wonder if this kind of price disparity is something the ACCC should be investigating?

        I was going to purchase a PS3 this month, but I'll just save the money and tell Sony what I think with my wallet.

          And Sony won't care.

            The ACCC is aware of the problem of regional pricing but has no authority to challenge it. We do however have the parallel import laws which allow consumers to source the best deal overseas. If you want a better deal look at websites like zavvi and ozgameshop, i think thats the best way to exercise your purchasing power.

      The US gets a price drop to $249US for 160GB and $299US for 320GB model. Australia is stil getting a bad deal even when the AUS is higher against the US dollar.

    Good sign for PS4 next year! So ready for a new console.

      Not going to happen for awhile to come.

    launch day phat broke, replaced, broke again, and again, then they sent a slim... no backward compatability or sd card reader and less usb ports... the slims are crap but at least they don't get hot...

    Not looking, not looking, not looking......
    Really!!! Dammit!! I really have no excuse now....

    Awesome news! I was looking to get a new PS3 when Twisted Metal released (but it got delayed) but this is too good to pass up.
    Looking forward to getting Uncharted 3, Silent Hill HD Collection, LBP2, Sly 4 & many others im sure!
    Also, this will be my 3rd PS3!

    Even with the price drop, still doesn't interest me. Can't justify buying another console for one or two exclusive titles each year.

    That is still quite expensive compared to other countries. I came back from Hong Kong earlier this year with a 320GB model (needed to replace my old one) and that only costed me about $350.

    Damn 40GB for $750!!!!!!

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