Pokémon In Minecraft? Hell, Why Not?

Two worlds of obsession collide with this Minecraft mod under development, bringing Pokémon into the game. Ten minutes of gameplay! Learn how to make a Pokéball! (redstone, coal, wool). Catch a Pidgey! Rename him!

The mod's maker, Seagoingmanatee, says he hopes to bring all 151 original Pokémon, plus Team Rocket, battle support, and lots more. See the link below if you want to download it.

The Official Pokémobs v0.32 [Minecraft Forums. h/t lilmp89]


    This could be amazing if he actually pulls this off.

    If he gets battle support and then evolving working, this will be pretty awesome. I mean how many kids that grew up with pokemon dreamed of living in the world of pokemon? I never understood the lack of a full 3D first person pokemon game, but if a minecraft mod can make one my childhood dreams might be realised.

      Compltly agree. The only thing is if the big N get a wiff. It will be shut down that quick it wont be funny.

    Wow, even if it only supports the original 150, once he gets everything working, this would be my favourite Minecraft mod out. It's like the 3D open-world Pokemon game that fans have wanted for ages.

    It will be interesting to see how he gets some of the larger Pokemon to appear. Not to mention the ones that fly/swim. Definitely going to keep an eye on this.

    I might actually buy this, even if they have like 6 pokemon at the begining. Haven't played pokemon in so many years (last was original silver) but hey

    I name my Pidgey...


    And I name my Squirtle...



    ... me gusta!

    The charizard better be bigger than the bulbasor

    Use Lapis Lazuli on Eevee! Finally Lapis will have another use :)

    I guess it won't be hard to make that round pokemon (not electrode, the other one with opposite colors) that explodes hehe.

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