Portal 2 Sold Better On PC Than On Console

In nearly every case when a game is released on console and PC, the console versions sell a tonne more copies. Like, it's not even close. Unless we're talking about a Valve game.

While the developer, publisher and operator of Steam sadly never releases internal sales figures for its online marketplace, Valve boss Gabe Newell has told Gamasutra that while the Left 4 Dead series has sold much better on console than on PC, "Portal 2 did better on the PC than it did on the consoles".

We'll probably never know just how much better, but the fact it did better at all is a feather in the PC market's cap. And maybe a sign that, hey, when developers release games that work well and look great on PC, instead of being shitty ports or being saddled with crippling DRM, people may actually buy them.

The Valve Way: Gabe Newell And Erik Johnson Speak [Gamasutra]


    PS3 copy of Portal 2 in Australia - $110 at EB

    PC Copy of Portal 2 on Steam - $40 (with 2 pack and preorder bonus).

    Even if you can't play portal 2 on pc locally, that's still a HUGE price difference. No wonder everyone went for steam.

      Even now, it's still $110 at EB games on PS3 and currently $27.50 on Steam as part of a two pack (or $30 on it's own)

      Well most people know better not to shop at EB..

      Or $27 for a box copy from OzGameShop @ launch.

      yeah but i got it for ps3 at jb hifi for like $80 and i got a key to redeem it on steam so its not that bad

      Wow, you Australian's are being ripped off big time. What gives? I'm not sure if this conversion is accurate or not but I bought Portal 2 on sale here in Canada for $40. That should be $38 AU. That's not fair at all!

        Retailers found out that there are idiots out there that will pay $100+ for new release games.
        Why sell it at the the same price as everyone else if you can make so much more?

    Does this include the fact that PS3 copies of Portal 2 included a PC copy as well.... cause that would explain this pretty quickly.

      'Sold' being the operative word.

        The word 'sold' wasn't used with regards to Portal 2 (Portal 2 'did' better). I think this theory still stands.

        Sold being a word Gabe does not use, if you go check the source he says "did better than."
        Welcome to Kotaku journalism, please enjoy your stay and remain skeptical.

    Even IF you do get licences for both PC and PS3, that doesn't equal double the value for your dollar.

    It is the same game after all. So the PS3 price is unreasonable.


    Im sorry about that i just wanted to say...


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      I salute you.

        You wanna take over my world, Big Boy?

    I got my portal 2 PS3 from oz game shop for ~$60, playing split screen co-op with my kids was worth the ~$20 extra for sure! :)

    And I plod along on the single player on the PC.

      You can split screen on Portal 2 on the PC. Only takes 5 minutes to setup.


      I can see it being useful for kids and splitscreen. But for most gamers, PC is the smarter option.

      Mils, that you? Same name and sort of thing my old guild mate in WoW would say :P

      And yeah he has a point.. Unless your willing to setup/have your gaming rig in front of the Plasma/LCD its still more convenient to play split screen via PS3.

      Depending on the kids age it can also be easier for them to play on the consoles.

    Maybe a number of console gamers were put off by the whole TEAM FORTRESS 2 abortion that was the console (specifically the 360) version.

    A bunch of my mates have been put off by Valve games on 360 because of what happened (even though it was more due to Micorosft's requirement that most DLC should cost points)


    (or a steam-powered operating system that could be used for a video game media centre, like Google did with Android)

      *Mental image of a game console designed like an old steam train*

      That my friend, will soon be called the PS3.

    "In nearly every case when a game is released on console and PC, the console versions sell a tonne more copies. Like, it’s not even close."

    Absolute bullshit. What stats were u looking at? Retail sales? 99% of articles these days only take into account of retail PC game sales (which r pretty crap) and never take into Steam sales or other online distributor sales. I am sure PC games sale as well, if not better, than console versions. From a personal viewpoint, about 9/10 of my friends, all from different social backgrounds and countries (from doctors to mechanics) play games on PC and buy games on STEAM. And for some, sure they buy games on consoles but they buy a lot more PC games vs console ones and in 3/4 cases they buy it from Steam. They never, ever buy it retail unless its EB games with their sales (which, vs Steam, isn't tat cheap)or the occasional awesome title (e.g SC2 on launch).

    So Mr. Plunkett, ur very very wrong.

      "99% of articles these days only take into account of retail PC game sales (which r pretty crap) and never take into Steam sales or other online distributor sales"

      Really? What do you base this on? Or is this just statistics you're making up?

      And just because the people you know don't play many games on consoles, doesn't mean that the rest of the world, the billions of people you don't know, don't play console games more.

        72% of statistics are made up on the spot.

          Fourfty percent of people know that.

      These friends of yours, from the varying countries and whatnot, how did you meet them? Online? Possibly in game?

      There's no doubt a fair amount of bias there.

      Yes, the sales stats often don't included digital sales. Here's the kicker, even when you include online sales PC is still far behind consoles in terms of sales.

      I'm sure the whole PC master race thing works well for some, but the reality is that people prefer simple and consoles are simple. That's also not necessarily a bad thing.

      Man, I hate debating the number of copies a game has saled!

      That said, since I'm already here, try looking at the user base for games. Let's have a look at retail sales figures for a recent big release.

      Modern Warfare 2:

      360: 12.55m
      PS3: 9.25m
      PC: 700,000

      Now yes, that doesn't take into account Steam figures, but do you really think Steam accounts for that many copies?

      How about Left 4 Dead 2, which was mentioned?

      360: 3.27m
      PC: 290,000

      Again, do you think Steam accounts for nearly 3 million copies sold?

      In initial sales, digital distribution still typically falls behind retail copies. Now, yes, Steam sales and their equivalents do account for a large number of copies sold, and in this day and age over time I'd imagine they often outperform retail, but even so, the disparity is both huge and clear.

    "while the Left 4 Dead series has sold much better on console than on PC"

    Yea well, everyone I know plays it on PC. I haven't yet seen someone in real life play it on consoles. I am sure this was just Gabe trying to soothe the console crowd.

    On the other hand, I am surprised that Portal 2 sold better on PC since its such a consolized game (prob the first Valve title loses its PC-esqueness) and most ppl I know played it on consoles (including myself).

    This is so weird...

    Don't forget that the PSN went down just as Portal 2 was released.

    Honestly, I think it has more to do with the fact that the console versions were shitty ports than anything.

    I'm really peeved that it costs so much for console. I only really want it on console because I have the first portal on console...but I'll wait for the price drop.

    We were paying $100 for Snes games in the 90s. It's funny how EB price their games. $100 for a pre owned game "tell him he's dreamin"

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