Practice Is The Brainy Gaming Event New York Deserves

Those of us who live in New York City are guilty, daily, of thinking that our city is terrific and deserves terrific things. But we in New York City don't have any awesome big gaming expos nor any whip-smart game design gatherings to make the rest of the world envious, at least not until we get one of the latter in October.

So, California, you can have Game Developers Conference. Seattle, you can have PAX Dev. Texas, Canada, and the rest of the non-New York world, you can have your events too.

We're getting Practice: Game Design In Detail, hosted by NYU's Game centre. It runs from October 28-30, costs $US400-$US500 to attend and has a speakers list that includes a master creator of German board games, one of the top designers of the next BioShock, the co-founder of Street Fighter tournament EVO and... one of the head officials for NCAA football.

Here's the official event summary:

Bringing together veteran designers across computer and video games, paper games and sports, Practice takes a close look at the nuts and bolts of game design. Through lectures and panels, workshops and discussion, we will explore the practice of game design, with a head focus on the concrete, day-to-day activity of designing games. And there will be plenty of time of gameplay and socialising too.

Practice is not a conference about business, technology, or how to break into the industry. If balancing the variables in a virtual economy or theorising about the effect of rule changes on a player's emotional experience sounds like fun to you, this is the conference you've been waiting for.

Sound good? If you want to attend, go to the official Practice site.

Practice: Game Design in Detail [NYU Game Center]

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