Pregnant Mum Fends Off Labour Long Enough To See Skyrim Demo

Pregnant Mum Fends Off Labour Long Enough To See Skyrim Demo

About six months ago, Bethesda Softworks’ Pete Hines figured Feburary 18 was the perfect day to conceive a child, as the baby would be due on November 11, the ship date for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. One couple conceived well early of that, but their baby’s birth will still forever be associated with the game.

Little Atari Lynn β€” yes, that’s right β€” decided it was time to bust out of the womb as mum and dad sat down for Todd Howard’s half-hour demo of the game at QuakeCon. The proud papa told Game Informer that the sight of the Frost Dragon on the screen is what sent mum into labour.

Dad said that the couple hung around, rather than dash for the hospital, because they thought at first it could be false labour. And, yeah, “she is a trooper and lovesSkyrim.”

While Hines had promised an “unknown reward” for anyone who named their baby “Dovahkiin” in honour of the game, I think Atari Lynn deserves something. Game Informer suggests a complimentary Collector’s Edition of the game. That’s appropriate.

Babies and cons are not an unprecedented phenomenon. Remember, Fahey actually got laid at BlizzCon, and the result was the birth of his and Emily’s twins this year.

Update: Woman Goes Into labour During Skyrim Presentation [Game Informer]


    • The good thing about consoles is you can use the controller while holding/feeding your baby. Good luck if they prefer PC though.

        • Except those who prefer to play it on console.

          If I’m going to spend over 200 hours playing something, I’d rather do it in the loungeroom on the couch with my feet up and a controller in my hands rather than hunched over a keyboard and mouse at the desk out in the study.

          • No offense, but that really stereotyping PC gaming. Hook a PC up to a TV with a DVI or HDMI cable and get wireless keyboards or usb extensions and your set.

            With the added bonus off slightly prettier graphics and mods for PC.

          • But why would I bother unplugging the PC, carting it out to the loungeroom, hooking it up there then having to move it all back again afterwards when I’ve got a perfectly good console already hooked up to the TV on a permanent basis? As well as the fact there isn’t enough room in the cabinet there for the PC, the fact that my wife may want to use the PC while I’m playing the game, and I find the console controller much more comfortable to use than keyboard/mouse.

            I really don’t care about the mods or slightly better graphics – certainly not enough to make it worth the extra hassle.

          • Take all the extra dough you’d spend on console games that are available on PC (depending on title you can save up to 40%) and save up for a nice gaming laptop (ASUS G73 series or something) and leave that in the loungeroom, out of mind out of sight and plug your controller into that when the time comes. Throw in a bluetooth remote and you’re set.

            The comfort of the lounge room and controller with the lower price and better version of the game πŸ™‚

            And as a potential added bonus, if you attend LAN’s or anything you don’t have to cart a tower with you.

        • Now now, Dire Wolf.
          Not everyone can afford to get the full version of Skyrim. Some people have to make do with the limited version.

  • She deserves a collectors pack because a mother sat through a movie as a small human tries to smash its way out of her womb?

    Can i have a collectors edition for avoiding taking a massive crap last night while playing minecraft?

  • Held out on going to hospital straight away because of a Skyrim demo AND named her kid Atari?

    Sounds like she’ll be a great mum!

  • after just having had our little dude…i can tell you, you get some good gaming time from 2am-6am with him asleep on your lap while his mum gets some sleep. πŸ™‚

  • Whilst naming your child ‘Atari’ might seem an amusing or awesome idea to the parents, think of the poor kid that has to grow up with that name.

    • First up, please tell us in your expert medical opinion why it was better to hang around instead of going to the hospital and secondly where is the term etymology used on this page other than your comment?

  • Surely Beth Ester would have been a more appropriate name given where she attempted to make her escape from her meat prison. And also because it’s a name that’s less likely to lead to resentment as soon as she starts school.

    • Considering the mum stayed to watch the footage and named her kid Atari, we’re not exactly dealing with the cream of the human gene-pool crop.

  • my wife have had 6 kids (I assume they are mine but I’ve never tested them) and I can tel you they had plenty of time. If its their first and everything is normal they proboly had about 10 hours before they even had to think about going to the hospital.

  • But they named there child after a failing mediocre company! (*hands on head*)
    The child will be born into fail zomg…

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