Pro DotA Team Acquired For 6 Million Dollars!

Valve are hosting a $1 million tournament for the upcoming DotA 2 at Gamecom this year - which definitely made me blink rapidly in disbelief - but now we've just heard that Chinese businessman, Sicong Wang, has just acquired one of the top DotA teams for a ludicrous $6 million dollars!

The team in question is Catostrophic Cruel Memories, aka CCM, who play Starcraft, DotA and Warcraft 3.

So, competitive gaming. Serious business. The weekend just passed was testament to the increasing growth of pro gaming as a sport and a business enterprise as both EVO and MLG ran record breaking events, in terms of user engagement.

Valve's DotA 2 prize pool appears to be confirmation that Valve are looking to take the DotA brand to the competitive community in a very big way, and this $6 million acquisition appears to be proof that the competitive community is taking this game very seriously indeed.

Serious Biz: DotA Team Bought For $6m [RPS]

Thanks to Harli for letting me know!


    ah Furion, in all his low poly glory.
    Scratch around and find us some new screenshots of Dota 2 Mark. Or find out the burning question that will have many players jumping ship.
    Will there be local servers?!

      As far as I'm aware, the only images of DotA2 are 4 pieces of art for Lina, Morphling, Blood Seeker and Drow Ranger. (As seen on the Dota 2 Blog:

    I should never have left that dota clan.... could have made something of myself instead of slaving away at this useless university degree, why did I listen to my parents why!?

    No problems! Seeing news like this makes me get all tingly.

    Seriously Valve... Screw DoTA, give us what 90% gamers are patiently waiting for Half Life 2: Episode 3.

      They cant. The DOTA2 prize pool was their EP3 budget.

    Sounds like Valve is throwing a lot of money at DotA2 in the hopes of it gaining popularity. I am a little uneasy about this game. I love probably everything Valve has done but hearing about the development difficulties on this game has me cautious. There is also now multiple DotA clones that aren't too bad, with some very dogmatic fans. I'm not sure if they will necessarily swap over to this new one.

    With the amount of effort going into DotA 2 I feel like anything less than a runaway success will be deemed a failure.

      There are 2 dota clones i can think of. 1 (LoL) has gradually strayed further and further from dota to the point of being pretty much nothing like it and terrible and the other (HoN) has a large group of people who will probably switch over the instant dota 2 is out because they just hate the developers. The only real threat is if people are too cheap to buy the game and go with the f2p options


    I would say 90% of the HON will buy DOTA2 as soon as its out or at least somewhere in its lifespan.

    I know a couple of League players who are anxiously awaiting it as well.

    It's got enough hype now for at least a successful launch when its out.

    Skimming over this article, I read the Chinese businessman's name as "Silicon Wang"...

    wait $6 million and the prize is $1 million, is he going to exploit them for adverts and merchandising if they win?



      No shiiit man. Fuck WoW off, gimmie WC4 least that had a decent storyline not like WoW which has gone down the drain in terms of storyline since WC3's storyline ended.

        Is the warcraft storyline even salvageable? I think blizzard would have to pull a "wow was an alternative universe guys" and continue it from the end of TFT or something.

    Seriously considering getting some of my mates together on the 20th to drink and watch the finals..

    It's a rich billionaire's son trying to create a scene

    $6 million is chump change to this guy, allegedly Sicong's father recently sponsored a chinese football league for $40+ million

    I hope Dota2 has an ELO rating system. I hate playing with bads.

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