PS3 Price Drops To $US249 Effective Now

The PlayStation 3 now costs $US249, down from $US300 for the 160GB model, according to a Sony announcement today. No word on the price of the more expensive model, the $US379 320GB model.

Update: Sony tells us that the 320GB unit will now sell for $US299.

The 160GB PS3 is also dropping in price in Europe and PAL territories to €249 (€349 for the 320GB). In Japan, it will drop to ¥24,980 (¥29,980 for the 32GB version). The US and European/PAL price drops are effective immediately. The price cut for Japan kicks in on August 18.

The competing Nintendo Wii currently sells for $US150 with Mario Kart bundled in. The Xbox 360 starts at $US199, $US299 with Kinect.


    AU goes up $50 to get Sony's profit back from other regions

    Wii sells for $150? My arse! I'd have bought a replacement if that were true!

    AU-shafting will mean we get a $20 pricedrop in 6 months time.

      Saw one on the eBay daily deals for 100$ with Mario Kart pack a month ago. Just gotta look around.

    Sony's "Move" is firmly up Australian "Ports".


    I love this news. However I can't seem to find a store in Aust that sells them for 249? Wow sight and sound still has them for over 400 and ebgames only has a deal with some game for 350

    as soon as I find a simple deal for 250 i'm there!

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