PSP Robbery Suspect Arrested By British Police

Malaysian student Ashraf Haziq made world headlines last week when he was the victim of not one but two sickening attacks during the London riots, one which broke his jaw and one which saw his PSP stolen by a man supposedly "helping" him.

While there was initially some good news for Haziq, with Sony pledging to send him a new PSP and some games, there's now hopefully some justice to go with it, as British police have apprehended and charged a man with the theft.

Reece Donovan, from Romford, just south of London, has been charged by the Metropolitan Police over the robbery (which was captured on video), in which he's accused of helping Haziq to his feet from a physical attack only to then literally steal the PSP off his back.

For what its worth, the Malaysian student says he "bore no ill feelings" towards the men who attacked him, and has pledged to stay in the UK and finish his university studies.

Briton charged with robbing Malaysian during riots [ABC]


    Poor guy, I can't beleive he could even say that he holds no ill feelings towards them!

    What was already a deplorable act is only made worse by the fact that it was against what seems to be such a kind and forgiving person..

    Wow, to have "bore no ill feelings", he must be made of stone! I hope they catch the guy who broke his jaw too, damned thugs.

    I but that prick isn't strutting around like a chicken now!

    Apparently they're going to be sentencing very, very harshly for anyone who looted/stole during the riots.

    My only advice to the thief?


      He he! NO, drop it, drop it!
      Then you'll know what it's like to get completely shafted by a total stranger.
      I hope the police get a hold of the tool who broke his jaw though.

    This guy has to have the heart of a saint.

    We should all aspire to be like this student, seriously what a guy.

    Such a mature way of looking at the world for someone so young!

    Next time I feel particularly vitriolic or hateful, I might think of this situation and rethink my position.

    It's not forgivness... it's fear

    Fear of being hunted down again.

    He's famous now and easier to track down.

    Hopefully the UK Justice System is better than the Aussie one. If it were here the theif would be out by Christmas

    Yes, Toolboy, I agree...DROP THE SOAP

    The really awful thing about this, is its reminding me of similar attacks in Harris Park, Sydney Australia.

    I hope they prosecute those cowards to the full extend of the law. What is it about these douchebags that they only act this way in groups of overwhelming numbers? Just proves how weak and afraid of everything they really are.

    good arrest those the one that was arrested hell be a PSP in the jail now Prison Sex Portable being passed around as everyones B*t*h

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