Real Details On The New Counter-Strike From Pros Who've Played It

Valve Software revealed the existence of the newest Counter-Strike today, but the company seemed a bit shy on specifics, saying that next year's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive would bring new weapons, gameplay modes and maps to the extremely popular competitive shooter.

Thankfully, some of Counter-Strike's most dedicated players, the professionally competitive type, are going hands-on with CS: GO this week at Valve HQ, giving us an early look at some of the game's big changes.

ESEA News' Craig "Torbull" Levine offered up the game's first in-depth hands-on report from a "pre-beta" build of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, writing that Valve is "keen on hearing the input from top [Counter-Strike Source]players to make CS GO an e-sports title."

Bastian Veiser, product manager for the ESL Pro Series, says he's also in attendance at Valve's CS GO playtest, writing on Twitter that it's not just Counter-Strike Source players offering their feedback to Valve. "There 'are' 1.6 players around," he assures fans of the other active Counter-Strike fanbase.

Levine writes that Valve plans to include both "casual and competitive games modes" in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with dedicated servers and a built-in matchmaking system. The first CS GO map that the small group of Counter-Strike enthusiasts played was the iconic "de_dust," which game designer Jess Cliffe reportedly said was being "overhauled to become competitively played."

The next Counter-Strike sounds visually overhauled as well, with Levine writing that "maps look beautiful, the player skins and animations are smooth, and the gun models are cool!" Veiser tweeted that the game was apparently "based on the Portal 2 Source engine."

"We got to play dust, dust2, inferno, and nuke," Levine writes, confirming the existence of the series' best known maps. Valve reportedly also confirmed that "de_train" would be included in Global Offensive's map rotation among other unspecified maps.

The next Counter-Strike will also reportedly add some new weapons to its arsenal, including a "new heavy machine gun rifle, new pistols, and a new shotgun." Valve is also experimenting with two new grenade options, a pricey Molotov cocktail — designed to block rushes and do area of effect damage — and a decoy grenade that emits gunfire sounds intended to confuse players who rely on audio cues to determine player positioning. Given the controversy that surrounded the inclusion of Counter-Strike's since-removed riot shield, it's going to be very interesting to see how Valve and Hidden Path integrate all-new weapons and tactics into the series' tried and tested existing components.

Levine also touched on the gameplay nuances of CS GO in his write-up, writing that the new title had a "feel" distinguishable from both Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike Source, saying "pro players seemed surprisingly happy with the player player movement and feel of the game."

Valve is also reportedly experimenting with weapons that have "situational value." Instead of players committing solely to the strongest, most reliable options — the AWP, Desert Eagle, AK-47 and M4A1 — it appears that the game's developers intend to make sub machine guns, shotguns and pistols viable purchases. Levine writes that CS GO will have "adjustable weapon variables," which sounds like an easier way for Valve to tweak values of each weapon for improved balance.

Finally, according to Veiser, Valve may be planning a closed, invite-only beta test for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the coming months. Attendees of this month's PAX Prime and the Eurogamer Expo (late September) will have a chance to go hands on with the game.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is "targeted" for an early 2012 release on the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade, the PlayStation 3's PlayStation Network, Mac and PC in early 2012.

Hands on With Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [ESEA New]

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    So what's the release date in Valve time?

      July 15th 2012 at 10pm.

    Interesting... Arcade and on the PSN? Not a normal retail release..?

    I was feeling kind of pumped for this - until I basically read it's a remake of a remake.

    Come on, the same maps we've been playing for HOW many years?

      And then you look at the BF series who get yeld at to remake maps for the new game after its come out. And rember, its in the same engine, just an updated one.

      I think the interesting thing here is XBA. I mean, Valve are pritty tied to there STEAM. Hell, they got STEAM on the PS3 for Portal, so if STEAM is not on the 360 for this, I will be shoked.


        I wont buy anything from steam since they thought my paypal was hacked due to me not using it for a while the using it for steam.
        after this was resolved they wanted full price for the games i had bought... steam can blow me

          Keep in mind, if you're going to accuse Valve of doing anything wrong then speak in coherent English and thoroughly state your issue, otherwise you're going to come across as a complete retard just like you are in the Rage thread.

      Well a new CS is always going to be basically a remake. Everyone is happy with the game as it is now, they aren't really asking for a new game, in order to make one that people want it has to be pretty similar. CS is CS, don't go messing with it.

      By the sounds of it they are adding some new stuff and it will no doubt have a graphics update as well. Seeing as it is on XBLA and PSN I can't imagine it being too expensive either, I would happily pay $20-$30 for something like this.

      I would like to see new maps, but I also enjoy playing remade old ones, preferably if they have a new twist or two. I'm just hoping they include office.

    do u think they will start adding in right click for iron sight on guns and maybe scopes? It will probably ruin the CS franchise if they did though lol.

      That's confirmed not to be in.


    I have heard rumours about that and am not a happy Jan :(

    Hopefully it's like CSS, in which the next half life game comes out 13 days later.....

      Its all just a clever ploy. That'd be so cool

    Xbox live is a walled garden. You either use Xbox live for any online interaction, sales multiplayer etc, or you make a single player game. I have no doubt though that valve would love steam to have a Xbox presence as well.

    Counterstrike alone dosent have the offerings of a full retail console release, so its perfect for arcade/PSN


    Its not going to be a console port, the game is on the source engine which left 4 dead, portal, half life series have all been built upon, it is and always has been a PC game engine, consoles get a PC port if anything

    Also in reguards to it being a remake of a remake, certain games simply dont need changes, they just need graphics overhauls every so few years, which is exactly what valve is doing, while also adding new content, they already have my money for this

      Serpent, I mean making this a console port-itis game. CS had always been known as the knee-jerk you die in 5 seconds game, unlike console shooters which usually use recharging health, slow aiming (to counter the inaccuracy) and slower gameplay in general. To me if I can't headshot 1mm past the top of the crate that's not CS, just sayin'. This and Quake were the first 2 games where the concept of putting a physical reticle on your CRT monitor became a trend back in the days.

    So.. are Valve basically saying "fuck you" to all the die-hard Half-Life fans now? Because I swear to God that's what it feels like.

      Yea thats how i felt when i heard this mate. I swear valve are pushing us to the limit

    Apparently Gabe commented on the Steam facebook page saying that HL2:E3 is in production and will be ready when they complete it

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is “targeted” for an early 2012 release on the Xbox 360′s Xbox Live Arcade, the PlayStation 3′s PlayStation Network, Mac and PC in early 2012.

    Why is there a need to say early 2012 twice ?

      maybe so that when it gets released in Q3 2014 they can say 'well we said it twice so that cancels it out, we never actually said early 2012'

    counter strike is a PC game through and through why would you even bother getting it on console

    my first cs experience was on a console and thats what actually turned me on to pc gaming

    @umz being younger when it came out, i found cs more engaging on the xbox.

    i never really saw cs's appeal until recently but i just haven't had time to get into it properly. perhaps this update can sway that.
    i liked that they're having matchmaking and dedicated servers and i'm optimistic about the weapons balancing.
    cant wait for a 2014 release date!

    Having played the game for the last 10 years and still playing it nightly, I think it's good that they are not changing the formula. There is a reason why people come back to play CSS after they finish BF2 or COD or whatever the latest craze is, it's simple, fun and extremely competitive. Turn it on, shoot a few noobs in the head, go do something else.

    So long as they fix the latency inconsistencies of the game, as far as I am concerned, the rest is just gravy. I agree with the pros in the article, why change the perfect formula of AK47/M4? Leave it as is but maybe tweak the rest of the guns if you have to.

    I am slightly worried though as it has taken CSS 10 years to get to this level of balance through countless tweaking and years of play testing. I just hope they don't screw up the balance too badly (Riot Shield)...Another example if they make the MP5 any better it will be imba...

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