Real Life Can Be Just As Scary As A Scary Video Game


    Haha that was pretty awesome.

    Gotta love Amnesia. Such an intense game!

    Just watching this video (and the linked one from the old article) I know I could never play this game. I just don't do horror.

    "you need to find a key Daniel. Check the basement".

    Alternatively, knock on her door, or wait for a more opportune occasion.

    This is why hardcore horror games (not my favourites of Dead Space) annoy me (actually this is still in Dead Space too) - they make you do tediously illogical an inefficient tasks, while you're grossly unequipped for the situation. I'm too busy getting into stupid logic battles in my own head to enjoy the game :P

    That was great. Props to the creator

    i wet myself a little when i saw the GF

    In my opinion, audio plays probably the most important part in horror games. Titles such as Call of Cthulhu, Fatal Frame and Alan Wake use creepy audio effects to perfection.

    Whilst great visuals help, ultimately its the audio that gets into your head and under your skin,

    amnesia does one thing perfectly- it turns you into a scared little girl. i started playing and i haven't even seen a bad guy yet but i stopped playing juts because it was way too intense for me

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