Remember This? [UPDATE 1]

Can you guess this game from one single part-screenshot? I've added a second part of the screenshot inside!

Good luck!

EDIT: Congratulations to Flumpf!


    Looks very familiar... Altered Beast maybe?

      Altered Beast is exactly what came in my head.

    Its from a Video Game

    hey i was correct it is from a Video game

    The Lion King? You've been making these ridiculously hard lately!

    The Lion King? You've been making these ridiculously hard lately

    Reminds me of Samurai Showdown but I couldn't guess which one.

    Altered Beast I'm sure. The beginning with Zeus?

    Street Fighter Alpha 2, Bonus Australia Stage, Ryu VS Sagat.

    I'm going to guess it's part of the intro to Pokemon Crystal.

    SNES RPG - maybe Breath of Fire 2?

    Bit of a stretch, but maybe some opening artwork from Terranigma?


    Shinobi 3, the horse riding level.

    If not, then I'm out, but I know I've seen that grass and sky somewhere in my teenage emulation years.

      it's insanely close...

    Lawnmower Man 7: The Grassening

      Lawnmower Man was such a hectic game... I could never beat it

    First thing I thought was Altered Beast, but a few others have guessed that.. Is it Final Fantasy 6? Right near the start?

    Secret of Mana?

    Sieken Densetsu 3!
    Treasure of the Rudras!
    Secret of the Stars?


    that awesome old pc game Moonstone ?

    For some reason Ecco The Dolphin came to mind, but the more I look at it the less I think...

    Street Fighter Zero 2 / Alpha 2

    Purple/blue background reminds me of Altered Beast, Rocket Knight and Dynamite Headdy... definitely seems like a Mega Drive game.

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