Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one single screenshot? If you can't get the right answer from this partial pic, I'll post the next part of the puzzle at 2pm!


    James Buster Douglas Knock Out Boxing

    Final Blow?

    It's a boxing game of some sort at least :S

    I'm certain it's James Buster Douglas Knockout Boxing aka Final Blow.

      I'm certain that's how you got the answer :P

        I Googled every boxing game I could think of.

      can't argue with that...

    Indeed, James Buster Douglas Knockout Boxing.

    Back to the old days of it being guessed in 5 minutes...

    Haha Mark give us another one for the day.

    Wow. That took 4 minutes to get. That is crazy!

    mark you should probably check if you can get the answer by searching the image in to google before you use it lol

    i personally dont do it but when someone gets it that fast always good to check

      I usually check the image on tin eye.


        Check with TinEye and the google image drag and drop search.

          I do believe that this segment is becoming riddled with cheating :(

    Final Fight, where you kick the crap out of Sodom?

    Black Edition:

    White Edition:

    Afro fight 93'

    7-11 Zombie Apocalypse: The first person game where YOU provide the service!

    Mark Serrels fights everyone who guesses the screenshot quickly: Special Edition

    Prison: The Game?

    How about creating a new segment called "Guess the game sound effect"? That'd be much harder to google.

    How about "Guess what game this wooden box is from?"

    I'll start it off:

      The box of rockets from Doom 1

        Damn. That was quick.

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