Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one segment of a screenshot? If you guys can't get it by 2pm I'll update with second section. Good luck folks!


    Serrels Revenge 2: the Revengening

    First reaction: Hahahahaha

    Well played. Probably easy for the right person, though!

    Playing with fire part 2

    OK, I'm gonna take a stab at Cauldron. For the Spectrum.

    Jill of the Jungle in CGA mode?

    Crysis 2.

    Mark Serrels: It's Not Easy Being Green on the Amstrad.

    The Last Ninja on Commodore 64

      I'm thinking your right - although it may be The Last Ninja 2. Definitely C64.

    Something like... Balloon Fight on Game and Watch...?

    If the colours were inverted I'd say Yacht on the Apple IIe. However, as it stands, I got nothing.

    The awful thing is, I know I know this. I am sure when the answer is invetiably guessed, I will kick myself.

    Looks like some old PC DOS PGA game.

    I'm going to go with a close up of Tobias Funke's balls.

    LOL you really took my advice! :P

    Captain Skyhawk from the NES?

    World Tour Golf
    Either Apple II or Amiga...

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