Remember This?

Can you remember this game from a single screenshot? If you guys get this before 2pm then bully for you, but if you guys are struggling I'll post a second part of this screenshot for your perusal.


    soccer of some kind!

    Seriously? Fine, I'll play your game Serrels. Looks like a soccer game, polygonal maybe? I'm going to say...FIFA 98?

      I was thinking the exact same thing

    Super International Cricket.

    "bully for you"? Somebody sounds bitter! Don't worry, the purpose of this is supposed to be to get us talking about a good old game, not to stump us so if somebody gets it before 2 you're doing it right! :P

      I'm pretty sure the purpose of this changed the moment Mark arrived as editor. It's now all about attempting to feed his superiority complex, and then him failing and being reduced to a quivering wreck.

      I think he was using the word "bully" in the context of its old definition.

      Like the word "smashing", it could mean "good" or "fine"


        Yep, I was aware of this. The term "bully for you" doesn't even make sense if you're thinking of it any other way....

          Could also originate from the old "bully" beef, short for bullion beef, common during the war.
          Gods I sound old.

            So he's offering beef for whoever gets it before 2pm?!!!
            Except I have no idea. :(

      I think it's more interesting this way - there are a lot better ways of reminiscing over old games than simply posting a screenshot and saying 'Remember this?'

        You're doing better than me, I'd just keep posting a shot of Diddy's Kong Quest every week.

        "remember this?"
        "Groooooooooooooooan, Yes Jim, we remembeeerrrr"

    There will be a point where the image will just be a blank screenshot of a single colour, I think Mark is quickly reaching that point.

    I'm thinking Goal Goal Goal! for the Neo Geo

      It'll be a single pixel soon.

      And somebody will still get it, at which point Mark's sanity will finally snap and he'll be reduced to a drooling, gibbering wreck.

        Actually... maybe "reduced" isn't the correct word to use there... :P

    Fifa 98 Road to World Cup

      Whoops, sorry shiggy :P

        S'alright dude! We need to gather our collective energies to solve this
        puzzle! just like Goku with his spirit bomb!


          *starts glowing*

    Im gonna try shane warnes cricket? MD? Maybe PIKMIN but probably not retro enough

    I'm thinking a sports game is too obvious, so maybe the white on the right is a unit select circle from an I'm going to guess...Krush Kill and Destroy?

    Lee Carvello's Putting Challange!!!

    mmm FIFA 96?
    probably the 16-bit one?

    err... Secret of Mana?

    Mario Golf on gamecube

    Final Fantasy 7

    Super Mario Golf

    Halo? LOL - the thing on the right could be a magnifying glass icon for a click n point? Sam and Max go for a walk on a soccer oval?

    It's not International Superstar Soccer 98 is it? I'd say N64 version.

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