Remember This? [UPDATE]

Can you remember this game from one single screenshot? If you guys can't get it from this partitioned screenshot I'll post another part at 2pm!

Here is the second part!


    Battlefield 3 run on my PC?

    Yes, i can remember that game...


    Red Dawn the game?

    Road Rash?

      I'll try the other one...


      Though I not sure I recall a full on sunset level...

        lol, thought I was on a Forum...


    Ah the joys of near single colour screen shots

    Bellybutton lint in red world 2. was way popular on the Atari jaguar

    Ultraman Snes?

    YES... YES....


      It's still early yet might be setting yourself up to be even more crushed :(

        I'm waiting for Ruen to saunter in and spoil the party in his nonchalant way.

    Metal Mutant

    I was thinking International Karate+ ... but I looked up some screen shots and it doesn't seem to be from that.

    Altered Beast?

    Metal Gear on NES?

    power rangers on the snes

    The Flintstones on NES

    OH EM GEE! ARE YOU SERRELS?! These are getting ridiculous haha

    Space Harrier?

    Sonic 3?

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