Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one partial screenshot? I believe you can, but if you're struggling, I'll update this post with another part of the screen later in the day. Good luck folks!


    It reminds me of Doom or the very first FPG done by lucasarts, the jedi one

      Sorry not the jedi one the star wars FPS game.

      Yep, Looks like Dark Forces

    Looks like Duke Nukem 3d to me, or maybe Dark Forces?

    That does look quite familiar for me, probably the first one of these that is. I'd say something Duke 3D-ish

    System Shock 2.

    I mean one. System Shock.


      A WINRAR IS J00!!!!!

      8 minutes, nice work.

      Yeah Marathon 2: Durandal.
      Could pick those textures anywhere.

      On the day I go out to lunch as well :P

    Dark Forces

      Damn you beat me to it mate. lol. I reckon we're right. Loved that game.

    A guess from right field but Ehrgeiz

    Oh wait, I was looking at it from the wrong perspective. It's gotta be Dark Forces!!!

      Or to be more specific Dark Forces 2 : Jedi Knight. The green lightsabre on the bottom looks very familiar.

    Dark Forces surely.

    Rise of the Triad

    It does indeed look like Dark Forces to me but more importantly: Shaker Fries! Who wants to deliver me some? :P

    id software's upcoming Rage

    I was gona say minecraft =S

    Marathon 2: Durandal

    Dark Forces, the light structure and walls remind me of it.

    My first thought was Rise of the Triad, but I'm not sure about those ceiling lights...

    Man I loved that game.

    Marathon 2 Durandal.

    "I pledge to punch all switches, to never shoot where I could use grenades, to admit the existence of no level except Total Carnage, to never use Caps Lock as my "run" key, and to never, ever, leave a single Bob alive."

    Marathon infinity has recently been made freeware by bungie, btw.

    I grew up with Marathon. Awesome games, especially for their time.

    You can play the whole trilogy (and a lot of the mods / total conversions) legally for free too. Mac, Windows and Linux. Bungie open sourced it back in 1999 after Microsoft picked them up, and they released all the data files for the games for free back in 2005.

      Word of warning if you do play it though: the game makes a lot of people hurl chunks. I'm not sure what it is but something to do with the way that the gun bobs when you move and the way they do quasi-3D through distorting the view makes it an express ticket to the vomit comet for a lot of people.

      Probably a lot less of a problem with Aleph One though, it uses OpenGL to render everything in true 3D now as far as I know. But if you go back to the old 640x480 'classic' view then you might regret it.

        Yeah it has some funky fov going on. Same thing happened with Duke 3D when I tried that not long ago.

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