Remember This? [UPDATED]

Can you remember this game from just one screenshot? Or, more accurately, a zoomed in part of a screenshot? GO TEAM GO! I'll post the answer in the comments at 5pm today if no one gets it. Although I'm sure someone will because you people are machines.

[UPDATE at 3pm]Since no one has guessed the game yet, here is a clue! GO GO GO!


    megaman 2?

    Foghorn Leghorn: The Cartel

    Duck Hunt


        was my first thought too but the dog was brown not red

    The thing that scares me most is the fact it's sponsored by McDonald's on the front page.

    Excite Bike with a different color blue?

      Yesterday's was, too. It surprised me a bit, but there you go. Seems is read by maccas marketing people.

        I have no idea what it is today but i have this weird urge to go get some Maccas

 us some chips?

    Going off sponsorship.... McKids?

      I thought it might be something to do with the Sponsoship too. Mc'Donalds Global Gladiators on Sega Master System? O.o

    Looks like either Titus the Fox or Bubsy the Bobcat. Cant say which game.

    Deus Ex, no wait. I have to go with Duck Hunt.

    Cloud master?

      I thought that too, but Cloud Master was way more grey than I recalled.

    Psychofox me thinks

    Golden or SeaKing from a Pokemon game.

    I'm single ladies.

    Avoid The Noid game?

    Crazy Cars III

    Some kind of digimon game?

    Aero the Acrobat

    Aaargh! We can't contain JPEG artifacting of this magnitude!

    What... No mouse over this time?
    Drat. :)

    Dynamite Dux?

    Well, Mark, looks like Remember This just needed a femeinine touch to befuddle the Kotaku krew.

    So i was thinking it was something from Parodius or a Samurai Pizza Cats game but google images cannot help me so probably something else.

    I know im wrong but i'll try anyways.

    Is it Stadium Events for the NES?

    Hmmm... a challenging screenshot with more than one colour in it! Intriguing...

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