Remember This? [Annoyingly Late Update!]

Can you remember this game from one partioned screenshot? Past experience says yes, but if you can't get it by 2pm I'll chuck up a second part of the screen for your perusal!

Sorry guys - forgot to update this! Here is the second part!


    "Remember This?" is now sponsored by McDonald's?


      You're right. That totally looks like a cheeseburger.

    Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck in World of Illusions.

    Not really, but I WISH it was.

    Earthworm Jim!

      That was my first instinct too, but for some reason I think not.

    is that a rayman game?

    Dunno why, but thinking Donkey Kong Country?

    Wait, shit, Lion King.

      Tail of something = Simba, black background = First Level.


      That seems more likely...

        The background's too blue for it to be the first level.

          Perhaps the level where you are Teen-Simba.
          You have to run through bushes etc.
          Looks a bit like Simba's claw attack?

    Really? Is this even possible? I'm not even going to ask what the brown thing is on the righthand side...

    If I had to have a guess maybe it is Simba's tale from the lion king game...I dread to think what else it could be.

    Dwarf Fighter VII: Fistbeard Rising.

    It's a finger or a thumb so it might be a FPS it appears to be a bluish sky. That's all I have at the moment.

    It's not a bad angle of an ear of Jak is it?

    Jak & Daxter?

    Looks like the end of a broomstick.

    Castle of Illusion on the Megadrive.

    Its screen shot of Mick and Mack: Global Gladiators because todays trip down video game memory lane is proudly brought to you by McDonalds. McDonalds Mc Good.

    Bubsy the Bobcat?
    Probably not, I have no idea why this reminded me of that.


    "Underneath the kilt of Mark Serrels"

    It looks like the branch from a tree?

    The glory hole game? lol

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