Remember This?

Can you remember the game just from this zoomed in part of a screenshot? Mark and I often think we're quite clever in choosing tough games and zooming right in on them so that no one can guess the game, but then someone always does, and then we go home, crying. If not one gets it by 2pm I'll post a second screenshot!




    KKND 2


    Dune 2?

    Looks like similar colours to 'Crush, Kill and Destroy'

      Krush, Kill, n Destroy*

      Oh maaaaaaaaan. Yes, it is Krush, Kill, 'N Destroy. A.k.a KKND. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

      Mark and I gonsta go cry now.

        Only ever played the demo for this one. Still, seemed fun for an early RTS.

          It was pretty sweet! The flame-thrower dudes were awesome, even if they could easily be taken out.

            KKND! I'd forgotten all about that game... Was so much fun.

        Have you considered having a backup image for when people guess the first one too fast?

      How do you even recognise anything from that?! I feel like I'd struggle even if I had a photographic memory.

      I loved that game, bought it purely because it was Australian made. Grabbed the sequel as well.
      I tried to play both recently but had to screw around with DOSbox to get KKnD running but it had no sound, but KKnD2 worked fine.

      This is the first one I have ever known :D
      I spent weeks playing this game when I was sick!
      Evolved for life.

    Ikari Warriors NES maybe?

    Without much confidence, Amazon: Guardians of Eden.

    Am I supposed to be seeing a bird face looking to the left whilst it has it's wing up and open on the right?

    Bermuda Syndrome?

    *Still waiting for the Se-quel

    Zone 66....Maybe

    Awesome Game

    commando 2

    commandos: behind the enemy lines?

    Hey Tracy, just so you know; google images can scan an image and match it up and I think that was why Mark started to make them so hard cause people were using it.

      Oh man, you gonna be in so much trouble! It's Tracey with an 'e'! :P

        I will have to kill myself in shame now.

          Re: Google Images - yeah, mark told me about all the ways people could cheat this, which is why he told me to have no mercy in zooming these pics right in!

          Re: Your spelling of my name - IMMA HUNT YOU DOWN BOOOIIII*

          *I will not

            Blame jamesmag! He stole the e and gave it to me in TAY!

              I apologise Jo, for making you look the fool.

    Do you guys get more free McDonalds the longer these go unsolved?

      We're already nursing little food paunches. We don't need free Maccas. :P

    Never played the original. But KKND2: Krossfire was one of the first RTS games I'd ever played.
    Still never would've guessed it though.

    Dammit... how do people even get these!? lol

    And dam these ads, i totally feel like a cheeseburger now! :P

    Hey lil sis, I think we have this at home. :P


    That's one of my shower tiles, you pervert bastard.

      Might be time to get to work on that mildew.

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